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   Chapter 1358 The Sweetness Of Love (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6246

Updated: 2019-03-21 01:25

"Why didn't you tell me that she was also here?" Duke glanced at the ladies, scolding them. It seemed that all men were ruthless. Once their love for any woman was gone, they would not even want to see her or talk to her.

"What difference will it make if she is here or not?" Belinda said with a frown. To test whether a man still had feelings for someone, one should check whether she still had any influence on him. If his behavior quickly changed just because she was suddenly around, it only explained one thing - that he still loved her. If he felt at ease and handled it well, it meant that he had already gotten over her and he didn't care anything about her.

"Nope, it wouldn't make any difference at all," Duke replied calmly. Just like he said, his feelings were not affected at all just because he saw her.

"Then, why would you care so much whether we told you or not?" Belinda lifted her glass and took a sip, looking very peaceful. But deep inside, her emotions had gone up and down just like a roller coaster. Her blood was starting to boil, but she was trying to control it.

"I just care about you. I think you might be unhappy." Duke was not good with verbal arguments, but he truly cared about Belinda's feelings. Loving someone meant caring for her and considering things from her perspective. This was one of the basic rules that a mature man should know and follow.

"She is only a woman from your past. Why do you think I should care?" Belinda smiled. Although she still felt stung thinking that there was another woman he once loved, she wouldn't show it. She was not that childish.

"Okay, stop then. Let's talk about something else. Aren't you guys hungry? Why do we waste time talking about someone who's not even here?" Feeling that the atmosphere had become awkward between them, Leena hurriedly averted the topic.

"Sure. You c

a was a grown-up. There was no need to be too cautious. Although she also had qualms about letting her go alone, she didn't want to make Leena feel restrained.

"Oooh that's hateful! I'm not as bad as you described." Leena pouted and stared at Belinda. Then she turned to Duke and showed her adorable face. "Duke, look! Belinda's making fun of me. You should scold her!"

"You naughty, naughty Leena! I was not poking fun at you. I was just concerned about you!" Belinda stared at her aggressively. Although she couldn't do many things after she got pregnant, she felt that she was being treated with privilege in many ways. Leena was a case in point. She used to take pleasure in irritating Belinda whenever they met. But now, she became more moderate in her jokes, and showed her lovely side in front of her more. Surely, it was because she didn't want to stress the baby in Belinda's belly.

"I know, I know! Thanks for your concern. Just be more careful with yourself. Duke, I'll leave now. I will call you when I get home." Leena said as she quickly left, giving no time for Duke to react.

"What's been going on with Leena recently? She looked pale today." Watching her recede into the distance, Duke muttered worriedly to Belinda.

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