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   Chapter 1355 Ran Into Rachel (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6720

Updated: 2019-03-20 09:57

"Don't talk to me as if we are close. You know what? I'm not even close to you at all. We are literally strangers," said Luke in a hateful tone. Many people said that 'men who are cold always have the warmest hearts'. However, Michelle found it hard to believe that saying, because of Luke. For Pete's sake, Luke was an anomaly! The man was just downright made of ice!

"Oh my God, Luke! Stop looking too highly of yourself. Do you think that you are some kind of a superstar? You don't even have the right to be arrogant. You are nothing but a 'nobody'. Do you understand?" Michelle cast a disdainful stare at Luke. If he could talk this way to humiliate her, then she could talk the same way to get even to him.

"Don't you dare tell me that I talk like a superstar. I don't and I will never. I'm different," Luke hissed with a warning. It was evident how harsh he was with just the way he spat his words. Having to stay with Edward all the time gave him the chance to deal with different actors and actresses from FX International. For him, the entertainment circle was totally a dirty different world, which was full of conspiracies and malicious things.

"You..." Michelle might be fluent but definitely not eloquent. She had never won a quarrel with Luke as she usually ran out of words to say against him.

"You...You..." insulted Luke as he mimicked Michelle's tone, highlighting how stupid she sounded like she couldn't even finish her words. "I suppose that you're trying to ask about me. Well, don't worry. I'm good. Now, if you don't want to go, you can just stay here." He then gave Michelle an uninterested once-over with his cold eyes. He didn't even think that Michelle was of any importance at all. Thus, it was okay for him to be condescending against her.

"Hold on. Did you just say that I can stay here with you?" A little excitement hit Michelle upon hearing what he said. She couldn't even understand why she felt happy with the thought that she could stay with him for a while.

ow but she was sure that she would be fine as long as she paid more attention to her health and not get sick. It was so strange that Tom was forcing her to drink some medicine.

"Be a good girl, Leena. I won't harm you." Tom was a bit worn out now. His handsome face looked lifeless and drained. He even looked sicker than his patients. The combination of Leena's case and Patricia in coma took its toll on him in a really bad way.

"I'm afraid that you are the one who should take the medicine! Look at yourself! You're getting skinnier!" said Leena. She felt sorry for Tom and thought that it was only Patricia's case that was draining him. It was obvious how tired and dispirited he was. She knew that Tom was starting to feel something for Patricia but never had he admitted this to anyone. Thus, she had no choice but to pretend that she knew nothing about it.

"You little fool. I'm on a diet now. I'm not skinny at all. Don't you think that I have a better built than before?" A bitter smile cracked Tom's lips. To tell the truth, he was confused about himself too. He was very upset and disdainful about how Patricia was clinging to him before. However, things had changed after what happened. Now that she was lying motionless on her hospital bed, he couldn't help his heart from getting heavier and heavier every single day.

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