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   Chapter 1352 An Unhappy Encounter (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5604

Updated: 2019-03-20 08:46

"What did you just say? The signal is bad here. I'm hanging up now. I'll call you later." Saying thus, Leena hung up at once. A cunning smile lingered on her lips. Little did she know that her mischievous actions had made Duke the victim instead. Belinda immediately called up her husband and asked him to buy her a cake, despite the fact that he was busy at work.

The afternoon was pleasant. Leena had her delicious cake and coffee at the bakery. She wished that Patricia could wake up, but was aware it was wishful thinking on her part.

She looked outside the window and found that she was no longer in the mood to enjoy her food. After paying the bill, Leena walked to the door. As she opened it, a hastening figure knocked her to the ground.

"Damn it! Are you blind?" The arrogant tone sounded like it was Patricia's, but Leena knew that was too good to be true. It couldn't be her. She was lying inside the ICU, still unconscious. How could she appear in front of Leena magically?

"Please get your facts right. You knocked me down, okay? Now you're scolding me instead of apologizing to me." Leena struggled to get to her feet and rubbed her aching bottom. She was a little surprised to see Louisa standing in front of her.

"Leena Leng, it's you again! Why do you materialize everywhere I go?" Louisa said as she turned up her nose and looked down at Leena. As the daughter of the army Commander, Louisa had the habit of belittling everybody.

"That's what I'm thinking too. You are present everywhere I go. Are you stalking me?" Leena was still downcast because of Patricia's accident and was in no mood to be polite to Louisa.

"Bah! Are you afraid of bei


"I finished my work ahead of time so I am coming back earlier. Sorry I forgot to call you first. Don't bother making me a meal. I'll cook something for myself when I get home," Kevin said and smiled. He had planned to inform her before, but after he got into his car, he felt so sleepy that he took a nap. That was why he forgot to call her up.

"Don't worry. I don't plan on making you a hearty meal. You are expecting too much." After hearing what Kevin said, Leena lay down again. She was in no mood to make a big meal. She decided to take a little rest first. In any case, if she cooked for him right now, the food would get cold by the time he arrived. She could just make something simple for him when he came home.

"Nana, you just broke my heart!" Kevin joked, but deep down, he was glad that Leena was beginning to regard him as family. Before, she used to treat him with utmost care and cautiousness. It used to stress him out. It was good that she was becoming more relaxed around him.

"Liar! I know you are making fun of me." Leena pressed her lips together. She knew he was just teasing her.

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