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   Chapter 1348 Death Was No Laughing Matter (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5901

Updated: 2019-03-19 02:48

"That's all right. I will be here watching. Otherwise I'll be extremely worried." As soon as he heard himself say these words, he froze for a short second. He was shocked at himself. Since when did he start caring this much about Patricia? How did this happen?

The paramedic also heard it and looked at him with a raised eyebrow. He couldn't help but wonder what was the relationship between the patient and Tom. Based on what he heard, the good doctor seemed to care a lot about this girl.

The morning came and the golden rays of the sun brightened everything they touched. But Patricia still didn't wake up. She was lying on the hospital bed with a peaceful look on her face. She must have been really tired, both mentally and physically, just wanting to sleep forever and forget about all the pain. Fortunately, her condition had become stable overnight. It didn't worsen, which made everyone who cared about her let out a sigh of relief.

Standing inside his own office, Tom's face also showed how tired he was. Yes, the operation on Patricia was very successful, but it didn't mean that she was completely out of danger. After all, she was badly injured. The surgery performed on her was not an easy one. What happened next would be crucial to her recuperation. Now all they could do was wait. Even Tom didn't know when she would wake up and if there would be any complications.

Why was he so worried about Patricia? Tom couldn't understand his own feelings towards this girl. Had he become inevitably attracted to her? That would explain why he was so anxious, whether she would wake up from it or not. His heart throbbed, and it was a new and strange feeling to him. This was impossible and it came out of nowhere! In addition, he hated anything not be

he could do was spoil her and let her do what she wanted.

"Yeah, that is just how Leena is. She will throw some tantrums from time to time, but she never holds grudges. So we usually just let her. She won't do stupid things anyway." Tom shrugged his shoulders. He could almost imagine the look on Leena's face when she puckered up her lips in anger.

"Well, maybe she is like that because you all spoil her." Kevin said with a little laugh. He actually liked it, that there were many people in Leena's life who loved and cared about her. Most of all, he was happy to be one of those people now.

"So are you unhappy that we spoil our little sister?" Tom raised one eyebrow at Kevin's words. If Kevin dared to say 'yes', he might kick his ass.

"What? No, of course not! In fact, I'm happy that you are spoiling her because I do exactly the same. She deserves it." No matter what Leena was like, with the good and the bad, they had promised to spend their lives with each other and ignore each other's imperfections. Throwing small tantrums from time to time would be part of that marriage and would not be a big deal. Even Kevin might have his tantrums in the future.

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