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   Chapter 1346 Rescuing Her (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5648

Updated: 2019-03-19 01:54

On the other hand, Michelle stood up and started walking back and forth in the hallway. She fidgeted with the hem of her shirt nervously. She wasn't as patient as Leena and every minute passing by felt like a year to her.

It was at that moment when a nurse walked out of the operating room. Leena couldn't stay calm any longer, so she rushed to the nurse and grabbed the lady by her arm. "Miss, how is the patient now? Is she out of danger?"

"I'm sorry but please don't get in my way. Her condition is grave and we are still working to rescue her." The nurse quickly walked away. Seconds more and she was already running back with two bags of blood plasma in her hands. The sight of the blood bags made all of them freeze on their feet as their fear aggravated.

"Leena, is my Patricia's life in danger now?" Concordia was a very simple and pure woman. In her world, everything was very pure and beautiful, and that was why her paintings also appeared very pure and beautiful. This was the very first time for her to get exposed to such a serious situation.

"Don't worry, Auntie. The nurse said that they are still rescuing her. She's still alive, okay?" Leena wasn't sure if what she said was still a valid truth. It had been hours and she really couldn't tell how much more anxiety could she take.

Inside the surgery room, Tom was feeling as bad as the women waiting outside. Patricia's condition was very critical. Even a doctor like him couldn't help but shudder at the view of Patricia's injured body. He could hardly believe that the woman lying in front of him was the same hard-headed and hateful girl who used to challenge him.

Her ribs were broken, one of her lungs,

d her the last cup that he was holding. He then took off his coat and wrapped her carefully with it. He knew that Leena was the type who easily got cold.

Confusedly, Leena glanced at him and found that he was only wearing a shirt after he gave her his coat. "Won't you feel cold?" She asked with concern.

"I'm okay. Drink the milk. It's getting cold." Kevin looked at Leena with worried eyes.

"Okay." Leena took a sip and felt the milk stream down her throat. Her body immediately felt warm. Even so, her heart had remained feeling cold because Patricia was still in danger.

"How about I buy some food for you?" offered Kevin as he glanced at the operating room. Although he knew that Leena might have no appetite for anything, he still wanted her to eat some food. She needed to remain strong as she waited for any good news.

"No need. I want to wait until Patricia gets out of danger." Leena raised her head and silently prayed to God. She prayed for Tom to do wonders. She believed that bad luck would never fall on her and Patricia. Furthermore, she believed that Patricia wouldn't disappoint her this time.

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