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   Chapter 1343 Car Accident (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5981

Updated: 2019-03-19 00:25

Although Leena was only gone for half a month, she was seriously homesick. She hit the streets immediately after taking a shower. And she was dressed impeccably, sporting clothing from well-known brands like Givenchy, Gucci, and Balenciaga. She had superb taste.

She went to the nearby supermarket to buy some food and various items like toothpaste, lotion, etc. Then she suddenly realized that she had not seen Patricia for quite some time. So she took out her phone and rang her up.

"Hey, about time you remembered me." Patricia was lying in the sofa cozily when she answered the phone. Her voice sounded non-nonsense like always. If you looked at her you could tell she was lonely.

"What? I called as soon as I got back." Leena paused for a minute, turning the wheel to head on to a side street. She was driving while on the phone.

"You're back now?" Patricia sat up. She was really excited. Her best friend was back, and maybe she'd get to spend some time with her.

"My plane landed this morning. And I'm bushed. I think I need to lie down and beat this jet lag." Leena arrived at her apartment and eased her car into the parking space. She frowned at the thought that she would have to carry everything upstairs by herself. The items bought from the store, yeah, that would not be fun.

"Let me guess, you knew that I wanted to hang out. So you shut me down before I could ask!" Patricia had been extremely delighted a few second earlier, but now she was annoyed. She really wanted to see her best friend again, but now she probably had to wait another day.

"It sounds like something's wrong. What's the matter?" Leena frowned deeply. She wanted to ask how Patricia was getting on with Tom. But she didn't want to ask that too soon. 'I need to wait for the right time,

cia from the mangled car. She was too scared to even ask if Patricia was still alive. She wasn't sure what she'd do if the answer was no.

"Patricia?! Was she racing?! Where is she now? Did you call an ambulance?" The phone dropped out of Leena's hand and bounced soundlessly on the mattress. She fumbled to pick it up again. She could barely hear, as the chaos rushed in and filled her ears. She kept asking questions until she figured out what Michelle was talking about. She started to panic and had to fight to breathe.

"We are still at the track. I've already called an ambulance." Michelle's voice was cracked and hoarse. Michelle should have been used to sights like this, since she grew up in a complicated environment with violent people all around. But this was different. This time, it was her friend, and she was paralyzed with fear and worry.

"Okay. Tell the ambulance staff to take her to Renxin Hospital. I'll call Tom." Leena hung up immediately after she finished speaking to Michelle and dialed Tom. She almost lost control of her hand because she was frightened out of her wits. It took more than one try before she could summon up his number from her contact list.

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