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   Chapter 1342 Wait For Me To Come Back (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5703

Updated: 2019-03-19 00:14

After a long time of steamy making out, Kevin finally let Leena go. He needed to cool down. If he kissed her any longer, he was afraid that he would probably take Leena right here in this car and still on the airport parking lot!

A deep blush was high on Leena's face. She looked at Kevin with hungry eyes, obviously seducing him and testing how much he could control himself.

"Leena, don't look at me that way. Or I will not be able to contain myself and devour you here." Kevin curled his lips into a teasing smirk. He wanted Leena so bad right now. But it was not the right place. He loved seeing Leena like this, all flushed but still looking so innocent. Wow, he really loved this girl and he was more than thankful that he did.

"Don't be so crude!" Leena withdrew her gaze from Kevin, feeling shy all of a sudden. She wasn't used to Kevin being so straightforward, but she couldn't deny that she secretly loved it. She felt all hot and sweaty, knowing that she was wanted by the man she loved.

"Are you hungry right now? How about we eat breakfast first and then go home?" Kevin smiled at her shyness. His eyes were full of affection. He didn't think it would feel this good once he realized his feelings for Leena and became honest about it. He just wanted to cherish and spoil this woman that he now truly called his wife.

"I am not hungry right now. Are you?" Leena tilted her head and looked at Kevin in question. She was leaning on Kevin's shoulder, snuggling up to him. Though she knew that he was driving, she just couldn't let go of him yet. She wanted to feel him, smell him, be near him as much as possible.

"What do you think?" Kevin glanced at her with a teasing smirk on his

een away in Paris? He couldn't count anymore. He just knew that it felt like waiting in eternity. Now that she was back, he finally felt complete. And they would surely make up for the time they had lost. They might never leave the bedroom.

"Of course." Leena's face became hot because of his words. Thinking of what was about to happen tonight, her face became even hotter. She couldn't even meet Kevin's eyes.

After Kevin left for work, Leena could finally take a good look around their home. The apartment was still the same as when she left for Paris half a month ago. Everything felt familiar, making Leena feel relaxed immediately.

She ate the breakfast Kevin bought for her. But instead of having a bath and then napping like he suggested, she opened the fridge to check what was inside. Her brows knitted into a frown when she saw that there was nothing inside. Well it was not a big surprise to her. She never really expected that Kevin would have the time, nor the initiative to do the grocery shopping. It seemed that she had to do it later, or she would have nothing to make dinner with when he came back after work.

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