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   Chapter 1341 Wait For Me To Come Back (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5306

Updated: 2019-03-18 07:59

"Tomorrow? That is too soon! We didn't even have much time to talk or hang out with each other," Gerard said in a rather sad tone. His golden hair shone brightly under the beaming sun. He had thought that Leena would stay longer. But he completely understood. Leena had been here for a long time. Of course, she would want to go home to her husband as soon as possible.

"We can still do that next time. This isn't my last time here. I will surely come back to Paris, I promise." Leena was playing with the cup in her hands. Her sweet smile never left her face. She looked at the Seine, admiring the scenery.

"Excellent! I was a bit worried that you would never come back." Gerard's eyes were as intense as they were before, but Leena could tell from the look in his eyes that he really only considered her as a good friend now.

"That's silly! Of course I will come back. Claire is still here, you know. I have more reasons to come back now, other than for work. Oh by the way, on that note, could you do me a favor and look after her for me, please? Nothing too serious. Just check on her once in a while. This place is completely new to her and she still needs to make a lot of adjustments. If you could show her around or something, that'd be great! I am still a little worried about her well-being," said Leena, who was being the good sister-in-law that she was. Even when she and Claire didn't get along before, she had thought about her a lot. Since they had become friends, she worried even more, now that Claire was living alone in a foreign country.

"Of course! Don't wo

Leena puckered her lips, staring at Kevin's handsome profile. She felt a warm glow inside her. Now, she knew the feeling of having someone she loved coming to pick her up at the airport, like this. In fact, ever since she knew that Kevin loved her back, she was constantly in a state of elation. Life couldn't be happier.

Kevin didn't say anything. He just glanced at Leena with adoring eyes. Yes, she was right and Kevin was indeed lying. He was afraid that he would miss her at the airport, so he came an hour earlier than the scheduled arrival. But what he didn't expect was that her plane would get delayed. He then had to wait for about three hours in total.

The sky was still a bit dark, but a mild glow in the horizon was a sign that pretty soon the sun would be coming up to rise gloriously. As soon as Leena got in the car, and away from ogling eyes, Kevin immediately pulled her in his arms. His lips met hers in a hurried and hungry kiss, gently nibbling, sucking and tasting her full delicious lips. The air in the car suddenly became hot.

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