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   Chapter 1339 A Misunderstanding Between Them (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6544

Updated: 2019-03-18 04:27

Patricia raised her head and took a glimpse around the room curiously. Then the alcohol eventually took over completely, knocking her out. She fell asleep on the bed with her mouth wide open.

After Tom went back to his room, he took a shower. Then he walked to his study to organize the files he had gathered in the past few days. He was free the following day with no scheduled surgery to conduct. So he was not in a hurry to go to bed. He even forgot about Patricia and did not think of her until he passed her room to go to sleep. The door stayed closed firmly. He was a little bit worried about her. He thought for a few seconds and finally opened the door and walked in to check if she was doing all right.

Patricia slept quietly and peacefully with a cute little snore every now and then. She was completely different from when she was awake, arrogant, willful and oh so annoying. Tom's heart could not help but stop beating for a second. He never expected that she would look nice like this, quiet and harmless.

He hesitated for a while and finally reached out to tuck her in. He did it quickly fearing that she would wake up any second. Then he walked out of the room just as quickly without making a sound. He did not allow himself to stay any longer. He was afraid that the longer he stayed, the more he was going to lose his heart.

The next morning, he almost had a heart attack as he jumped out of his own bed, completely shocked at what he saw. Luckily he didn't make a sound. There, sleeping peacefully on his bed was Patricia. He exploded with rage.

"Patricia, wake up!" Tom liked to sleep in the nude. So he did not wear anything except his underpants. No wonder he was so angry at the sight of Patricia.

"Umm.. What? What's with the noise, man?" Patricia frowned. She rolled over and went back to sleep, oblivious to the hysterical semi-nude man in front of her. But Tom would not allow her. He picked up his bathrobe nearby and

t too far last night with what she did.

But she had to face him eventually, no matter how long she stayed in this room. She had to walk out and talk to him. To her surprise, the moment she opened the door, there was Tom who was already well-dressed. But he was looking at her disdainfully.

"Tom, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean it. I don't even remember doing it, to be honest. I'm afraid, I may have caused you trouble! " Patricia lowered her head and apologized. Then she raised her face and forced a smile to look at him. She did not want to be so humbled in front of him

"You didn't mean it? You don't remember that you took off your clothes and slept in my bed, while I was almost naked in there! So, now you mean, that you didn't do that deliberately? Are you for real?" Tom crossed his arms around his chest and looked at her in a condescending manner.

"Well if that's what really happened, then yes. Am I so cheap in your eyes now?" The smile on her face quickly faded. She wanted to disappear immediately. But she lost all her strength somehow and was unable to move. She just stood there frozen and unable to move, not knowing what to say. It hurt so much because of the man she had feelings for. Every part of her body ached badly. Wasn't that enough? Why did he still keep hurting her?

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