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   Chapter 1338 A Misunderstanding Between Them (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5757

Updated: 2019-03-18 03:50

"Damn it! What do you mean, ugly one? Who are you referring to?" Michelle gritted her teeth angrily. Although she was drunk, she could still hear everything.

"Get in the car now. Or I'll take you to the police right now!" Luke knew that a thug like Michelle would be afraid of the cops. So he did not hesitate to threaten her.

"Luke, you bastard! What wrong did I ever do to you? Why are you so mean to me?" Michelle shouted angrily but hardly stood still. She was unable to fight when she was that drunk. Nonetheless she still cursed him. She was a tough girl no matter what.

"Because you are trouble in my eyes. Am I clear enough? Ahh right! You're too drunk to understand." Luke pulled the door open, waiting patiently for her to get in the car.

"Humph! You are nobody to me! Do you hear?" Michelle said proudly. She turned around and staggered away, trying to leave. But she was stopped by Luke who caught her firmly in anger. He threw her into the passenger seat rudely and she almost hit her head on the car roof.

"Don't touch me, you bastard! What are you doing? I'm not going with you," Michelle howled, stamping her feet angrily. The alcohol had made her temper worse.

"Don't be afraid, Michelle. I'm gonna help you!" Patricia staggered over to Michelle when she heard her screaming. But Tom grasped her by the arm and threw her into his car as well. Two drunk women, two angry men, in two separate cars.

"Ouch! That hurts!" The way Tom pushed her down to her seat made Patricia dizzy. She drank too much wine so every sudden movement made her feel like her head was a heavy watermelon that was being smashed with a hammer.

"Shut up! I am not a gentleman." Tom bent down a bit to help her with

doctor. As a doctor, I can't refuse help to someone dying. That's a doctor's basic principle," Tom explained to her in his most annoyed tone. Would he still do the same if it were not Patricia? There was never any time to think about it.

"You have universal love for everyone, doctor. In that case, there are tons of people you need to save and bring back here to your house, right?" She winced in pain as if a tiny electric shock went through her head. It hurt this much not only because of the alcohol, but also because of Tom's emphasizing that she was nobody to him.

"Whatever. Remember what I said about the rule. I am very strict and very serious about it." Tom turned around and closed the door as soon as he finished speaking. No good nights, no sweet dreams, nothing. He went back to his own room and did not want to stay with Patricia for one more second. He did not even give her a chance to say anything else.

It was said that one could forget everything and feel nothing when he or she got drunk. But why did the pain seem to have doubled? It was like a drill went through her head and a knife had sliced through her heart.

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