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   Chapter 1336 Drunk And Disorderly (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5614

Updated: 2019-03-18 00:25

"Come on, that's not like you. You're the most driven person I know when it comes to racing. Maybe put a little of that chutzpah into going after this guy." That was Michelle to a T. Everyone was fair in the game of love. She didn't care what other women did. If she fell in love with a man, she would do whatever she could to make him her man.

"Ha ha! I tell you. I swallowed my pride and went straight for him. But he said he wouldn't even talk to me if I weren't Leena's friend. What am I supposed to do?" Patricia drained her wine glass then. The sorrow and grief she tried to push away flooded her heart again.

Hearing Patricia's heart-broken tale, Michelle was at a loss. The only thing she could do was to keep filling her wine glass. Maybe an answer would be found in the bottom of the glass, or maybe sweet oblivion. Maybe if she got drunk, things would be better.

"I have to -- have to tell you," Patricia said, her voice thick with drink. "Don't fall in love with someone if he doesn't...doesn't love you back." Patricia sat on the ground. The two young women sat there and swapped tales of their limited love experience.

"But you can make someone fall in love, right? With the right wit, charm, and looks? He must have really rattled you." Michelle laughed helplessly. A man's face and figure flashed through her head at the same time.

"Yeah, you're right. Well, never mind. Bottoms up!" Patricia picked up her glass and clinked it against Michelle's. Suddenly, she realized that Michelle and her were both drinking a lot, drowning their sorrows in wine.

"Cheers." Michelle got it. Patricia wasn't going to listen to her. So she decided to let her be an

the gas that built up in her that insisted on coming out when she opened her mouth.

"Ok! I trust you." Michelle giggled. But she was drunk too and she couldn't think straight. She just agreed with Patricia, no matter what she said.

"Awesome! Get in. I'll drive you home," Patricia answered in an elated tone. She was quite happy when Michelle agreed with her.

"Are you crazy? How could you drive when you're this drunk?" Tom ignored them at first, but he overheard Patricia offering to drive Michelle. He was a doctor -- he had to go over and warn them, stop them from risking their lives. They were putting their lives in danger!

"Ha ha! You know what? You... look like a man I know. But you're a...a busybody. That's not like him," Patricia giggled goofily. She even reached out, trying to pinch Tom's face. Tom deftly dodged it, but found that his reaction times were far faster than hers.

"Yup, that's me! But Miss Bai, maybe you don't want to live, but I think your friend does," Tom said with a heavy face. What did she say? Not drunk? She didn't even recognize him! She was as drunk as a skunk!

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