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   Chapter 1335 The Encounter (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6266

Updated: 2019-03-18 00:15

"Dating her? What the hell are you on about? I don't know who she is!" At this time, Tom was getting annoyed. But why? Because of Rain's teasing, or because he didn't know how he felt. He certainly didn't expect to run into her here. And he wasn't blind. He could tell she'd been crying. Was it because of him? He was worried about her, and mad at himself for getting too involved. 'Yeah, she cried. So what? It can't be over me!' Tom tried to convince himself. He still wasn't sure, though.

"Ha! Don't bullshit me. It's weird enough you wanted to pay for drinks. What is it? You have feelings for her?" Rain asked. He was not one to be tactful. In fact, he was glad that Tom finally seemed to like a girl. He had been wondering if Tom was batting for the same team. Tom never seemed to be interested in girls. Or anyone, now that he thought about it.

Tom shot him a look. "I'd say you're drunk, but we haven't even started yet." Tom dodged the question and avoided Rain's eyes. It was not hard to tell he was lying.

"Come on, man. It's me. So? Am I right? Maybe I can even give you some tips on how to work this." Rain needed to know what was going on between Tom and Patricia. And he wouldn't let this slide easily. It was Rain, he had to know everything, even when it was none of his business. Besides, maybe he could take Tom under his wing. He'd like that. It appealed to his ego.

"I still don't know what you're talking about. Drink up, dude!" Tom picked up the bottle of alcohol that the waitress brought in just now, poured himself a cup and threw it back, clearing his throat afterwards. No, nothing was bothering him in the slightest.

"All right man. I can't make you talk. I'll drop it." Rain also poured himself a cup. But he just sipped his, unlike Tom. They came here all the time to loosen up and forget the day. So the staff here already knew them,

talking about Dr. Qin?" Michelle finally blurted it out. She was really curious. She didn't know much about the doc, but at least he was nice-looking and seemed decent. Patricia had good taste.

"How... how did you know?" Patricia looked at Michelle in surprise. How did she know? Was she really that obvious? Then she smiled sulkily. 'Yeah, of course I am. Even Michelle could tell, and she doesn't notice anything half the time.' she thought to herself.

"It's not rocket science. It was as plain as the nose on your face."

Michelle gave her a look of sincere sympathy. She could tell that Patricia really loved Tom, or she wouldn't be drinking herself into oblivion right now. It was too bad they couldn't get together. Otherwise, they would have made a cute couple.

"He doesn't like me. I even annoyed him, and he got mad. If I wasn't Leena's friend he wouldn't have even treated me." Patricia mocked herself. She wasn't really secretive, so this stuff was bound to come out anyway. It was no use lying to Michelle, so she decided to tell her everything.

"You told him how you felt," Michelle said hesitantly. Patricia must have, right? Or she wouldn't have known what Tom thought. It wasn't a question. It was a statement of fact.

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