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   Chapter 1333 That Was Not Really Love (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6069

Updated: 2019-03-17 07:25

"I can only say that you are thinking too much. Patricia, keep your hands off me. If possible, stay away from me. Don't expect that you will get anything from this because I won't give you anything. If you were not Leena's friend, I won't waste time even talking to you." The words that gushed out from his mouth were as cold as if they were coming from hell that had frozen over. Patricia felt a shiver down her spine.

"Tom, am I really so despicable to you?" Patricia bit her lower lip. Even though he said such ruthless words, she still kept her chin up, as proud as she had been all this time. She wouldn't waste a tear or give him the impression that she was easily defeated.

"You are not despicable, but what you do makes me feel sick." Tom didn't know why he would have such a feeling. The more she got close to him, the more he felt resistant, even to the extent of exasperation.

"Haha! Okay, I hear you. Say no more Doctor Qin, and take care. I hope we never run into each other again." Patrica looked up at the ceiling, trying to hold back her tears. Then she smiled, as if nothing had happened. The bright smile on her face could make one think that she never seriously cared about anything.

"Good. And I agree. I hope we never see each other again." After saying this, Tom was surprised that he wasn't completely happy about this. He was supposed to be celebrating in his heart now that this crazy annoying girl decided to leave him alone. Instead, he felt his heart get stung by something. He fell into a despondent mood as if he lost something valuable.

Patricia watched him until he disappeared from sight. As soon as he turned the corner, tears streamed down her face and messed up her makeup. She had already compromised her dignity in the hope that he could see the vulnerability in her h

. Unlike Rain who was a business man and had frequently been to nightclubs and other entertainment venues, Tom rarely went to such places.

"What would be better than our old watering hole? We are already familiar with it and we know the people there," Rain said casually. Since Edward and Duke had their own families, they seldom got together like they did before.

"Okay, good idea. We'll go to Sexy World and let's get hammered." Tom seemed ready to go all out for a binge. He smiled bitterly. It should have been a victory to have gotten rid of Patricia. But he didn't know why he felt at a loss. He felt anxious as if something was missing, and he didn't know what.

"Really? Get hammered? Are you serious? I can't believe that this remark came out from your mouth. Come on, buddy, what happened to you? Were you beaten up by someone or did some girl turn you down?" Rain teased. He knew Tom was not the kind of guy who would feel down because of woman. He had never seen him attracted by any woman for that matter. Tom was just an unusual person, very different from the others. He seemed to have no worldly desires. The only relationship he had was with his lab. Nothing else could captivate him.

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