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   Chapter 1331 That Was Not Really Love (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6793

Updated: 2019-03-17 04:46

"It seems that he is really mature, knowing that he has to help manage the business." Leena smiled with delight and looked along the direction Claire pointed to.

"Leena, it's awesome! Isn't it?" Claire said blissfully and excitedly, sounding like an innocent little girl.

"Yes, it's very impressive. This kind of art could be found everywhere, especially on the streets. It seems that it has become a trend nowadays." Leena looked at the art with keen eyes, her delicate face laced with a gentle smile.

"By the way, has Louisa caused you any more trouble after that fateful incident?" Claire asked cautiously, unable to look straight at her.

"No, never. Why did you ask?" The mention of Louisa reminded Leena of the scene that happened in the cake store the other day. But she quickly shook it off, refusing to dwell on this issue. Louisa didn't do anything unforgivable that day, so she just let it pass.

"Nothing, I was just curious. What she did is hard to forget. At least for me." Claire smiled. She and Louisa were friends for years, but their friendship ended in a blink of an eye. Although she felt a little sad over it, she was glad that it was over. Because she was fortunate enough to have figured out what kind of person Louisa really was before everything spun out of control. Something bad always tended to happen around Louisa.

"You're sad over this." Leena turned her head to her sister-in-law. If she were in Claire's shoes, she would be extremely sad and heartbroken too, if she found out that she was betrayed by someone she considered to be her BFF.

"Was. I was sad. Not anymore. Now I am really fine. Let's drop it. How about you and my brother? How is everything with you? Have you started planning to have a child? I'm eager to have a nephew... or niece!" Clare changed the topic and gazed at Leena, eyes gleaming with a playful smile.

"What? How long have we been married? It's too soon to have a baby! We haven't really talked about it." Leena blushed and lowered her head, a smile finding

and body language showed nothing but genuine sincerity.

"I know and I believe you. Okay, let's go! It's time to check the results," Kevin said while jumping up to his military car. He hurriedly turned away because he didn't want Daisy to catch him being too emotional.

Daisy raised her eyebrows and then followed him to the car. They headed to the finish line and were about to see who would be the first few to stand out in the special training project.

The next time Patricia saw Tom, she was not as irritated as she was before. She seemed very calm.

"Huh! Doctor Qin! What an honor! What brings you here?" Patricia asked, standing at the door. She was supposed to leave, but happened to run into Tom at the door. What a coincidence!

"I came to the gallery to see the exquisite art works, of course. Were you thinking that I came here to see you?" Tom frowned and squeezed himself through the door. Whether he bumped into her or roughly brushed her aside, he had no care for that.

"Hey! Watch your manners! Why so rude to a lady?" Patricia turned around and shouted behind him.

"Umm, you watch you manners. This is a gallery, an elegant place. You can't speak too loudly here." Tom placed his finger on his mouth, motioning for her to keep a low voice. He looked like a gentleman with such a gesture but it was quite condescending.

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