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   Chapter 1328 I Miss You (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6049

Updated: 2019-03-17 00:15

Watching Louisa in the mirror, he flashed a victorious smile. He thought he had been too nice to Louisa, but he couldn't hold his tongue tonight and gave her what she deserved. It seemed that she had never learned her lesson. He decided to stay away from her from now on.

It was still early when he arrived at Grand Apartment. An empty living room welcomed him, which made him feel lonely. 'Oh Nana, ' he thought, 'what are you doing right now? I miss you so much!'

He turned on the computer, but didn't know how to kill time with it. Then he noticed the QQ application on the desktop. He hadn't logged in since applying for an account the last time. Why did he, a military man, have the need for it? Nonetheless, with nothing else to do, he decided to log in.

There was only one person in his buddy list, and it was Leena. Her avatar was grayed out, which meant that she was not online. She had a few updated moments. In the QQ application, a "moment" is an update, story or random thought that a user wants to share with friends. Seeing Leena's moments in the app, Kevin clicked on one to view the full text.

"I miss him. I really really miss him. Am I going crazy? We've been parted for just one day, but my mind is filled with nothing but him. What am I going to do? Damn! I must focus on my work!"

Taking a look at the update time, Kevin saw that it was posted just the day before. If she had missed him so much, then why hadn't she called him?

He took out his phone from his pocket, not knowing if he should call her now. After a long moment of hesitation, he was defeated by his sensibility and dialed the familiar number.

"Kevin! Hi! Why are you calling me now? How are you? Have you eaten? I'm so glad to hear your voice!" Leena fired him questions one after another, tears streaming d

her language.

"So Babe, have you eaten yet?" Kevin checked the time and found it was dinner time where she was.

"Not yet. I'll go get something to eat after work. Honey, isn't it late? Why don't you go to sleep? Besides, I need to get back to work now." After saying that, Leena also checked the time. It would take a long time to complete her scheduled tasks for the day, so she decided to eat first and then come back to finish it.

"All right. Remember to eat on time and always take extra precautions, Nana. Be on your guard at all times," Kevin reminded her. He was so worried about her as he knew she would be too preoccupied and would be unable to take good care of herself.

"Got it! Okay, good night, Kevin. I love you!" Despite the unwillingness to hang up, Leena said goodbye and decided to complete the work that she came to do, as early as possible so that she could go back home to her beloved husband.

Staring at his phone, Kevin couldn't help but sigh at the very thought of Leena's miserable face. As a soldier, he knew they had to separate from each other from time to time in the future as he had to carry out military tasks. She would have to get used to more separation.

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