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   Chapter 1327 I Miss You (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6323

Updated: 2019-03-16 16:01

"Here you are! Ice and Fire, my new concoction. Give it a try!" Hoyle placed a glass of cocktail in front of Kevin. It had two layers of color — blue and red. He was excited to see Kevin, as the military man seldom came to his bar, ever since he had gotten married.

"Tastes good. But I think women will like it more." Kevin took a sip of the drink and looked at Hoyle in confusion. 'Does he think I like ladies' drinks?' Kevin thought.

"I just wanted to know your opinion. If you really think women will love it, bring your wife here soon so we can see her reaction to this Ice and Fire cocktail. What do you think of it?" Hoyle sat on a stool and stared at the dancing girls on the stage while waiting for Kevin's reply.

"She doesn't handle alcohol well, so you'd better give up the thought. Plus, remember what happened the last time she was here?" It was just a suggestion, but Kevin already began to worry about Leena getting drunk. He'd rather steer his wife from any trouble if he could help it.

"Don't worry. I'm here and I won't allow Leena to get drunk. You are way too sensitive and overprotective." Hoyle spun his chair and clinked glasses with Kevin before he swallowed the whiskey in one gulp.

"Whiskey in one gulp? Hey, buddy. What's going on? Are you okay?" Kevin was a little surprised at Hoyle's behavior tonight.

"Nothing. Just drink with me. Let's drink till all's blue." Hoyle gave Kevin a bitter smile. Everyone has those days when they feel dejected or down and Hoyle was no exception.

"Sorry, buddy. I have a lot of work assigned to me tomorrow. I can only drink a little." Kevin was a very reliable and responsible man, and he was very good at disciplining himself. He wouldn't allow anything to affect his work.

"Aww... Come on! It's Friday night! Saturday tomorrow! Who works on a Saturday?" Hoyle asked while filling Kevin's glass. He felt that h

t he already hated her. How could anyone have such low respect of one's self.

"See you!" Kevin waved without looking back and proceeded to the door.

"Kevin, wait for me." Louisa trotted behind Kevin and finally stopped him as he hailed a taxi.

"Louisa Ye, you'd better leave while I can still hold my anger. Otherwise I won't care whose daughter you are," Kevin threatened through gritted teeth. This woman's persistence was just exhausting. He felt guilty for Leena as he could not punish the woman who had pushed her into the water, for the sake of the Commander. He didn't expect that Louisa had the audacity to appear in front of him and act as if nothing had happened. What a shameless, despicable woman Louisa was!

"Kevin, I just want to talk to you. Why are you being so rude to me?" Louisa pursed her lips grumbling.

"Stop talking nonsense! I have nothing to talk to you about. I have nothing to say to you, except to remind you of the evil thing you've done to my wife. Now get out of my face and never ever come near me again!" Kevin opened the taxi door and got in before she could respond.

"I..." Louisa wanted to say something to make him stay, but couldn't find the words. She could only watch the taxi disappear into the night.

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