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   Chapter 1326 I Miss You (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6565

Updated: 2019-03-16 15:26

"Woman, do not try to irritate me, because you will not be able to handle the consequences." Luke felt a sudden compulsion to turn and leave. The reason was quite simple: His life was all about his boss, Edward, and he took no interest in women or getting in a relationship.

"Don't even think about scaring me, man! I fear nothing." Michelle showed no sign of weakness. As a member of a gang, she was not scared by Luke's long face at all.

"I'm warning you, don't even think that there is something here for you. I'm not interested in women like you." Luke cast a scornful glance at her and flashed a mocking smile. Most women would be startled by his devilish face and even walk away from him at once, but Michelle was an exception.

"Luke, to be honest, I don't really have a thing for you. But you've got me wrong too many times. And I hate being wronged. I lose sleep at night thinking about revenge. So to get even I've decided to make you my boyfriend." Michelle laughed out loud and sauntered forward. She was amused by Luke's arrogance, and since she was currently not occupied with anything, she decided to play him to kill time.

"You damn woman!" Luke cursed through his gritted teeth, staring at her. How he wished he could rush to her and knock her out so he could no longer hear that annoying laughter.

Taking a sip of his coffee, Edward frowned at what he had witnessed. "Are you really sure that they will be compatible?" he asked when Daisy came and stood by his side.

"So you don't think that they will be?" Daisy looked at him right in the eye, waiting for his reply.

"Don't get me wrong. I just think that you shouldn't meddle too much. Let nature take its course. Without external interference, I think they will have a better understanding of their own feelings." Edward curled his lips to a curious smile. He wanted to know since when had his wife been interested in playing Cupid.

"I don't think so. Luke is a dull and inart

great Master! You should feel honored, because your student has now surpassed you. You should watch out for the day when she eventually turns against you!" Daisy flashed a proud and challenging smile. She then gave him a meaningful glance before brushing past Edward and walking to the kitchen.

Being slightly pushed by Daisy, Edward staggered and stared at her receding figure, rubbing his chin.

They really enjoyed the comfortable and quiet life they were now leading. Though they would have occasional arguments and would quarrel from time to time, it didn't affect their affection for each other. Their love for each other was as strong as ever. They cherished every day that they spent together.

Paris was like a second home for Leena, and she knew the city like the back of her hand. She could move around without getting lost and act like a local. As soon as she arrived in the city of love, she wasted no time devoting herself entirely to her work.

Like every designer, Leena always strove to perfect her artwork and put her heart and soul into it. As a result, she would forget to contact her husband every now and then.

Kevin felt lonely these days because of her absence, especially at night. He missed her so much that he sometimes would go to his friend's bar to distract himself.

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