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   Chapter 1325 Flying To Paris (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6926

Updated: 2019-03-16 14:48

"Uncle Luke, does that woman like you?" Justin, the equally straightforward kid asked Luke with a sly smile on his face.

"Don't talk nonsense, little boy. I'm not interested in her," Luke replied in a cool tone. He got to know why Michelle was here when he saw Daisy talking with her.

"There's time for you to become interested in her! Uncle Luke, she is quite beautiful, don't you agree? Although not as charming as my mom, she looks quite good. I like her beautiful face." Justin looked at Luke with a seemingly innocent expression on his face. However, he had already come up with some plans in his young but advanced thinking mind. It was time for his uncle to have a girlfriend and he could try to do something about it.

"Really? I don't see that. She's just a crazy woman. Beautiful? I doubt it." Luke said with disdain, not giving a crap. He would never be forced to like that little thug. It was totally stupid and thus impossible. It would be easier for the sun to rise from the west than for him to have the slightest feelings for such a creature.

"Okay, let's just stop discussing whether she is beautiful or not. But don't you think she is cute and real?" Justin started to analyze her for him like a mature, grown up man. He seemed to want it very much that Michelle and Luke would fall in love.

"Hey! How old are you, kid? How do you know these things? Tell me. Have you been checking out the internet for special websites that are not for children?" Luke twisted his mouth heavily. How could kids nowadays think so maturely just like Justin?

"Come on! Uncle Luke, don't be so old fashioned, okay? It happens a lot in the dramas on TV. Almost every channel is showing such love stories. I've been watching for a long time. You are the only one who's behind in these trends." Justin did not consider it seriously though. Though he never had such an experience, he saw it more often than he should be seeing it! It made sense that he knew about these things.

"It seems that it is time to reconsider if you can watch TV that frequently. Otherwis

ime alone.

Michelle did not say a word but her eyes betrayed her. She was very excited now, unable to control her lips from curling into a smile. She did not care whether Justin was telling the truth or not. She was quite happy to hear what the boy just revealed.

"Don't be happy too much. I will only show you around here this time. It won't happen again, I promise," Luke gritted his teeth. If Daisy did not request for him to do this, he would definitely not even go near her, let alone show her around.

"You could have just straight up refused her, you know! I didn't ask to be shown around. What? Is this a museum or something?" Michelle raised her eyebrow a bit complacently. But deep inside, she was screaming with joy at Daisy's arrangement. Didn't this man try hard to stay away from her? He had nowhere to run this time.

"Don't take this undeserved gain for granted. Let me remind you of this kindly; I dislike you, no matter what you do and how close you get to me." Luke gritted his teeth again. How he wished he could bash her in the face so that she would stop smiling triumphantly.

"Thank you for your kind reminder! Well, news flash, I dislike you too. You are nobody to me, and that is not a coincidence!" Michelle hitched her chin toward him. She was unwilling to be the one at a disadvantage in this fight. She'd do whatever it took to save face.

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