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   Chapter 1323 Flying To Paris (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6484

Updated: 2019-03-16 07:38

"Three o'clock in the afternoon. Why do you ask?" Leena raised her head to look at him. She was confused why Kevin was asking.

He thought for a second and then said, "I see. Okay, I'll drive you to the airport tomorrow then." He was supposed to be at the office at that time, but he still could manage and adjust his schedule so he could go with her.

"You don't have to! It'll be troublesome for you to come all the way here, drive me to the airport and then drive back to the army base again! I can get a taxi myself. And if you are worried about me taking a taxi, I can ask Duke to drive me," Leena didn't want to bother her husband too much. She was going to the airport, one of the safest places in the city, not some shady and dangerous place. She could manage to go there by herself.

"What? I want to see you off tomorrow! Is that so bad? It's okay. I won't be that busy at that time anyway. I have a few hours to spare." Kevin insisted on doing this because he did not want to miss another chance to see her off. She always came back from Paris without telling him, which he minded a lot.

"Okay fine. If you're going to be persistent about it, there's nothing much I can do," Leena gave in with a smile. "I'll wait for you at home tomorrow, then." Although still reluctant, she also wanted to know how it felt to have someone see her off at the airport, especially if that someone was a loved one. She had seen that warm and touching scene of other people saying their goodbyes all the time, but as an outsider. She finally accepted Kevin's offer and now looked forward to that moment.

However, while it looked beautiful and tender from the outside, it was also heart wrenching and downright sorrowful, especially if it was the first time. Leena felt it eventually the following day at the airport, as Kevin pulled out her luggage from the back of the Humvee and put it on a trolley. She stood there frozen, her eyes coul

"Get out of my way," Luke said with a poker face. He had no clue what this woman was doing in Edward's house.

"No, I won't, unless you apologize to me." Michelle could not help but feel much angrier as soon as she remembered that this man was the cause of her business losses the last time. She had to take lots of remedial measures to gain back control of her territory. West Street first came to mind.

"Loser." Luke simply let out a word coldly. He did not care who invited her here. She was in the wrong, always looking to find fault with him.

"What did you say? Did you just call me a loser? Well, go to hell! I'm smart and beautiful. Nothing about me says that I'm a loser, damn it!" Michelle grew more furious at him. This guy could really push her buttons. She couldn't help it. Every time they met, she just wanted to fight him.

"A loser would never admit that he is a loser, just like a drunk man would never admit that he is drunk," Luke said and passed her firmly and apathetically. He did not intend to stay and waste time with a stupid woman.

"Arghhhh! ... I'm gonna kill you!" Such rudeness was unacceptable to Michelle. She turned around immediately and rushed towards Luke. However, she was stopped by a leg sweep from Luke and tripped on the grass face down.

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