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   Chapter 1321 A Broken Heart(Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6335

Updated: 2019-03-16 00:15

"Come on, Patricia. Don't be so formal with me. I know Tom like the back of my hand. He is honest but dull. He doesn't like talking and he isn't that expressive too. Thus, you will have a hard time pursuing his love. Now that I've said these things, won't you change your mind?" Leena said sincerely as she stared at Patricia in the eyes. She would be more than willing to support Patricia if Patricia really loved Tom. However, she didn't think that dragging Tom to this would work since that might just make Tom hate Patricia even more.

"I don't see myself falling in love with someone else," said Patricia in a serious tone. To be honest, she wanted to drink herself down right now. It was just that she knew that Leena would not allow her to do that. Alcohol was not good for her recovery after all.

"Anyway, I hope for you to win Tom's heart someday. It's not easy to fall in love with someone." Leena raised her glass of water and clinked it with Patricia's. She had wanted to set Tom up with Patricia before. That was because she had thought that Tom would have a thing for her friend. However, it turned out that Patricia was not his type.

Kevin saw Patricia sitting in the living room as soon as he got home. For a moment, he wondered if he had come to the wrong place. Didn't Patricia say that she wouldn't come here again the last time? Then why was she here now?

"Major General Gu, you look frightened. What's the matter with you?" A teasing smile cracked Patricia's lips when she turned to Kevin. His surprised reaction really amused her.

"Nothing. I'm just wondering why you took your words back and came to my house again," responded Kevin with a friendly smile. He then looked around to search for his wife.

"The reason is very simple. I'm here to snatch Leena from you." Patricia's lips curled. Her eyes were bright as she grinned at Kevin. It was obvious that sh

e." A fake grin appeared on Patricia's beautiful face. Her heart was breaking silently but she did her best to conceal it. She knew that he didn't want to see her, However, she wasn't able to help herself from being hurt when she heard his harsh words.

"I'm the hospital administrator and I have the right to serve you the way I think is the best. I know that you are up to something." Tom wanted Patricia to retreat since what she wanted was impossible. However, he didn't expect her to be such an insensitive person. He was sure that Patricia knew what he meant but she just refused to accept the fact that he didn't like her. She was so annoying that even just looking at her could give him headaches.

"Tom, why are you being so hard on Patricia? Fine! She might have brought you inconvenience before, but she did it because she likes you." Leena cast a worried glance at Patricia. Just the thought of Patricia getting upset because of this man's words made her extremely sad.

"Since you've said that, I have to make myself clear. Miss Bai, thank you for your love but you are not my type. So please forget about me and go find someone else. I will never fall in love with you," said Tom as he turned to Patricia and stared at her with his cold eyes.

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