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   Chapter 1316 It Is Great to Marry You (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6895

Updated: 2019-03-15 05:24

The next morning, Leena got up very early. She had to go to FX International Group today. Justin refused to be a model for her show, so she had to turn to Edward for help.

"Hello, Mrs. Gu. Mr. Mu is at a meeting," Anna saw Leena and walked over to her, greeting her. She had always been a conscientious secretary.

"Hello, Anna. When would he be done with the meeting?" Leena smiled. She was her usual self, sweet and charming to everyone.

"In about an hour. Do you want to wait for him here?" Anna asked. She didn't think Leena would want to waste her time waiting over here.

"Um… I will go somewhere and come back later. Good-bye, Anna." As Anna had guessed, Leena didn't want to spend her time waiting here in boredom.

"Okay. I'll tell Mr. Mu that you arrived. Bye." Anna nodded. She watched Leena enter the elevator and turned away her gaze.

"Anna, do you know that she is the designer of the famous French brand LN FASHION?" As soon as Leena left, the other gossipy secretaries in the room gathered around Anna.

"Sure, I know that. Fashion magazines and weekly publications have reported her story. I've read them all. Now go on with your work. Work hard, or Mr. Mu will fire you if he comes to know that you slack off at work. You know we can't gossip during office hours." As the general secretary, Anna did her job well and tried to discourage the beautiful women at work who only wanted to marry a rich husband. Naturally, she offended a lot of people. However, this was her job. Even if they said bad things about her behind her back, she wouldn't change her work ethic. As the saying went, nothing could be accomplished without norms or standards. To have a foothold at FX International Group, they must work efficiently; otherwise they would get replaced. Anna's strictness and rigidity were for their own good.

Leena left FX International Group and went straight to the Leng Group building. She hadn't had a good talk with Duke since she recovered, so she wanted to see him.

Luckily, Duke was in his office. He was acting coldly

rned up her nose at him. A crafty look came to her eyes that further pissed Justin off.

"Ah! You're unbelievable!" Justin shouted. How annoying Leena was!

"What's wrong, Justin?" Daisy turned to Justin with a frown. Justin's squeal had interrupted her talk with Belinda. They had finally found time to get together at Belinda's house this weekend.

"Mommy, she's driving me crazy! I want to get away from Aunt Leena!" Justin put on a long face. Leena was born to be his enemy. She was nice to everybody, but she transformed into the devil in front of him.

"What happened? Did she ask for your help again?" Daisy was curious. Justin was seldom enraged. What did Leena do to piss him off so much?

"No. I just have to calm down," Justin said as he walked away. He was quite familiar with the house and headed to the other end of the garden.

"Leena, what did you say to him? Why is he so angry?" Belinda asked. She was eating oranges and was in fear that she would vomit again later. It was not until today that she realized how painful it was to become a mother. She vomited continuously every morning. She wanted to eat food that she wouldn't normally want to eat in the middle of the night. The longing for it was so strong and intolerable that she had to wake up Duke from sleep every night. Just so he could get up and drive out to buy her what she wanted.

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