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   Chapter 1315 It Is Great to Marry You (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7144

Updated: 2019-03-15 00:25

Leena had been at home for many days. She had not gone outside her house at all and was absorbed in her creation, with no interruptions from the outside world.

She stretched her taut body. Looking at the sketch on the desk, she put down the brush in her hand and smiled in relief. After several days of hard work, she had finally finished the sample she had failed to complete before. There wasn't much left and she was winding up now.

Leena pushed open the door of the workroom and rubbed her sore eyes. The air emanated a faint fragrance of flowers and food. It dispelled her weariness, making her feel refreshed. She trotted downstairs.

A bunch of purple tulips greeted her as she got to the living room. So that was where the fragrance was coming from! Who were those flowers for? Who would receive them exactly? Leena didn't like tulips very much, but she did know that purple tulips stood for endless love. She couldn't help but pick the bouquet up and smell it. She put it down gently. She didn't even think that it was a gift from Kevin, assuming that a man like him would never be so romantic.

It was said that men who worked hard were the most charming, but in Leena's eyes, the man who could cook was more attractive. Leena felt it was very affectionate of Kevin to cook for her.

She wrapped her arms around Kevin's waist from behind and rested her cheek on his back. She felt him pause for a moment at her sudden move.

"Are you finished with work?" Kevin asked in a soft voice as he washed the vegetables. He was much more careful than before, for he feared that the cold water would splatter on Leena's hands.

"Yeah. It's almost done. Why are you cooking? Where is the housekeeper?" Leena loved snuggling to her husband like this and feeling his warmth.

"I got off work early today, so I asked her to go home. Get dressed. The dinner will be ready soon." Kevin put the washed vegetables aside. When he came home, he saw the housekeeper Leena had hired about to cook. He volunteered instead. It was a rare opportunity to show off his cooking skills to Leena.

"No, I like hugging you like this. It makes m

typing away on his keyboard. He looked up occasionally at the girl who was lying on the couch and staring at the flowers. He didn't know whether it was her favorite flower or not, but he felt satisfied to see that she couldn't move her eyes away from them.

"It seems you like the tulips very much. You have been staring at them the entire night," Kevin teased his wife. She usually went back to her workroom right after dinner, but she didn't tonight. Kevin still had some work left to do so he couldn't give her all his attention.

"I like whatever you give me." Leena lay on her side and looked at him with her fingers intertwined under her chin. There was a fondness that lingered in the air.

"You're so easy to satisfy. Such a good wife you are, honey." Kevin stopped working and smiled brightly. He felt relaxed in this quiet atmosphere amidst his busy and tense work.

"Come on, focus on your work. Don't get disturbed by me." Leena stood up. She thought it would be better to leave; otherwise she would interfere with his work.

"It's all right. I'll finish the work soon. Why don't you take a bath first?" Kevin continued to type. Something big was scheduled in the city for tomorrow. The soldiers in his army base would be transferred to maintain order and security, so he had to work out a plan in advance.

"Okay. Meanwhile, I'll answer my mails." Leena winked at Kevin and went out, still smiling.

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