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   Chapter 1314 Buying Flowers (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6711

Updated: 2019-03-15 00:15

"Well, it is time for me to go. You can go back to whatever you were doing. Always take care of yourself and be mindful not to make a fool of yourself. My regards to your wife! Bye for now and see you later!" said Daisy as she left. A smile twisted around the beautiful corner of her mouth. Then, she got in her car and drove off. She was thinking carefully whether what he had said were all true.

Kevin shook his head helplessly. Then, he got on his Humvee, started the engine, and left the army base as well. It was still a bit early in the evening. When he was about to drive past a flower shop, he thought for a moment and pulled over. He jumped out and casually walked towards the shop.

"Good evening, sir. Are you looking for flowers? Do you have a friend or a lover waiting for you at home?" the young girl at the flower shop cheerfully asked. She smiled at Kevin charmingly. But it had no effect on him. As far as he was concerned, she was no match for his wife. Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. And now, every other woman had become nothing but ordinary compared with Leena.

"Let me have a look first," said Kevin awkwardly. This was the first time for Kevin to enter a flower shop and he felt embarrassed. To make it worse, some girls were standing in a corner, watching him. He desperately wanted to do whatever he came to do and get out of there as soon as possible. However, as a soldier, he had to stand his ground. There was no escaping from it.

There were so many flowers in the shop unknown to him that he had no idea which ones to buy for his wife.

"Wow! So handsome!

Do you think he has got a girlfriend?" came a female voice from somewhere in the shop.

"I bet he has some sweetie waiting for him at home."

"You can't say that for sure. Don't you know that some soldiers are not allowed to marry?" another girl said.

"Really? Are you kidding? If that were true, it would be such a waste of a handsome man!

Have you noticed his shoulder mark? He must b

ng closer to choosing the best set of flowers. She stared at Kevin, wondering whether his pure and smart wife would like the Lily of the Valley. She might not like flowers that shared the same characteristics with herself, because she did not need any other things to compliment her virtues.

"I will take your advice." Kevin took a deep breath after he had made up his mind. He wasn't gonna get out of this flower shop without a beautiful bunch of flowers in his hands.

"All right. Let me help you. The matching of flower colors may be tricky sometimes. They have their own different meanings. When you mix them up, the meanings change. Besides, you have to know the number of flowers that you want. Different numbers have their own different representation. I can't explain them all in a short time," said the girl. She then started to choose flowers for Kevin. She had an impressive knowledge of flowers, bouquets, how to care for them and so much more. The more she explained to Kevin, the more he got confused. Eventually, he had to agree with whatever she said.

Walking out of the flower shop, he was still in a state of shock. However, he had to quicken his steps and almost ran towards his car when he noticed the curious glances towards him. It was strange for a man holding a bunch of flowers and walking on the street.

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