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   Chapter 1313 Buying Flowers (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6316

Updated: 2019-03-14 10:15

"They're not weird clothes. It's a fashion show. You know, the clothes are supposed to be... Forget it, you won't understand it yet. Just tell me, will you do it for me?" asked Leena. Leena gave up. She didn't want to argue with Justin any more. She would never beg a kid if not for the perfection of her summer clothing fashion show.

"Watch my mouth carefully, and listen to what I'll say," Justin paused a moment then slowly but clearly said, "I will not do it for you. Never!" Justin pouted. He was clever and cool, just like his father. He wouldn't help Leena and get judged by some strangers. What kind of self respecting person would want to do that?

"Are you sure?" asked Leena. Leena gritted her teeth, fuming mad, and stared at Justin. What was the use of being handsome, if he couldn't do her such a small favor? He wasn't all cute any more.

"I'm absolutely sure of this. I'm sorry but l will have to let you down this time," Justin answered confidently. He winked then continued to eat cake. He wouldn't refuse free food. As for what would happen next, he would think of that only after he was full.

"Okay, I respect your decision. But... I think you'll accept my offer eventually. We'll wait and see, lad! Well, I have to go. See you later!" said Leena in a subtle manner. The mysterious and unfathomable look on Leena's face sent chills to Justin's body. He had no idea of what Leena would do next.

"Wait, wait, wait! What did you mean by that? Explain before you leave," demanded Justin. He frowned and pondered over why Leena was doing this. Did he piss Leena off? But he couldn't remember which part of the conversation did he go too far.

"No, I won't do that. But you can guess. Bye!" Leena replied only turning around slightly. But she kept walking. Leena gave a smile and waved before getting in her car.

"What an evil girl! Bad things occur whenever s

made unimaginable sacrifices for the family and for him and he should feel content. Everyone had his or her own goals and dreams that were worth fighting for. He wouldn't be the one to prevent his wife from pursuing hers.

"Good designers need all the inspiration they could get. So, she needs solitude. Then you should show her your support and understanding and let her do her work," said Daisy in a comforting tone of voice. Daisy felt relieved. She had been worried that Leena had been deliberately avoiding her.

"Do I look like an unreasonable person to you? By the way, what about the injury in your hand? Has it gotten better?" asked Kevin. He couldn't refrain himself from asking. He got a serious scolding for this injury in the past.

"How long has this been? How could it have not gotten better? Don't you want my wound to heal? You must be holding a grudge against me because I have been pestering you for a long time, right?" Amused, Daisy eyed Kevin, knowing that he was a good sport and wouldn't feel offended.

"Hahaha! You know me much better than I have expected. I used to think that I was good at hiding my thoughts from you," Kevin replied, with a smile on his face. They exchanged jokes and talked warmly like two old friends.

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