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   Chapter 1312 Buying Flowers (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5604

Updated: 2019-03-14 08:59

"By doing this, don't I look like a smart, knowledgeable man? A stupid girl like you won't know this," said Justin. With the cake in his hands, Justin laughed widely, and then cast a disdainful stare at Leena.

"What did you just call me? Well now, I want my cake back! Give it back to me," said Leena with a sulky face. Leena glowered at Justin, stretched out her hands, pretending to grab the cake.

"You can't take back what you have already given to me. Besides, even if I'm willing to return it to you, won't you feel ashamed of taking it?" answered Justin, rolling his eyes. 'She never admits that she's stupid. Did she lose part of her brain when she fell into the water?' thought Justin inwardly.

"Feel ashamed of myself? Why? The cake is still mine. I paid for it. You can't rob me of that!" said Leena defiantly, raising her eyebrows. She looked like a pouting, care-free, little child, which was her actual true self.

"Feel ashamed of you for Uncle Kevin marrying such a lazy and uncivilized woman," said Justin, curling his lips. He gripped the cake box more firmly, refusing to let Leena take it from his hands.

"But Kevin just can't love me more than he already does. Are you being jealous?" retorted Leena, making faces at Justin and then giving him a sly smile. Her smile was as brilliant as the bright sunshine.

"Jealous? Of you? Are you kidding? You really are stupid. Why would I feel jealous?" Justin replied with disdain. His cool and expressionless face was very amusing and even funny.

"Haha! Exactly! You're not a man yet. Ohh Justin. This is why I've missed you. You never fail to make me laugh. Hahah!" Leena bent down and burst into

arson, or anything of that sort for you," said Justin, with his small mouth filled with cake. Then all of a sudden, he just spit the cake out. He didn't trust Leena and didn't want to owe her a favor. He now hoped that she wouldn't ask too much from him. She had never really been that kind. Justin started to wonder why she bought him a cake today. Was there a catch? Was she playing a trick on him?

"I may have disappointed you before. But, your guess is right, smart kid. I do need something from you, and hopefully it is something that you'd be happy to do. Justin, can you do some modeling work for me?" asked Leena, looking at him with imploring eyes. Hearing Justin's question, she decided to tell the truth and lay it all on the table.

"What? Modeling? Like wear some weird clothes and walk like a fool with other dumb people while others watch you?" Justin asked in surprise. The sarcasm level in this child was higher than that in most adults. He stopped wolfing down the cake, wondering whether Leena was telling the truth or just playing with him. People had got to stop treating him like an idiot.

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