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   Chapter 1311 The Worst In Louisa (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6029

Updated: 2019-03-14 02:20

"Ha! That's why Leena is afraid of riding my car." Patricia picked up the towel she had prepared to wipe her sweat off. Speaking of Leena, Patricia hadn't seen her in a long time. The last time they had seen each other was during that incident at the Blue Enchantress. Since then, they had only kept in touch by phone.

"I bet she is! In my eyes, she is as fragile as a porcelain doll. Look how rough our skins are! But her skin is as smooth as silk," Michelle said with a little laugh.

"Exactly! When we were classmates, she was always the school muse." Patricia gave Michelle a proud smile as if Michelle were praising her instead of Leena.

"To be honest, I really envy her sometimes. Even though I'm also a woman, I am sometimes a little attracted to her. No wonder Edward is so nice to her." As Michelle leaned on the railing and stared blankly at the sky, she suddenly became weary of her current way of life. She hoped to lead a simple and peaceful life like Leena was doing.

"Don't be upset. We are all beautiful in our own ways. Let's go. I'm gonna go change." Patricia didn't envy Leena's lifestyle as she knew that it just wasn't for her. She wasn't the type who would settle down, do housework while waiting for her man to come home.

"Are you really going to participate in that competition abroad? It looks very dangerous. Plus, I believe there will be countless race veterans in the game as well." Following behind Patricia, Michelle looked at her figure with a worried look. She had just witnessed an entire race event, and still cringed when she thought about it. Though being a gang member had its risks, for Michelle, it was far less dangerous than racing. On the track, death could occur in a split second.

"Yes, I am. And don't even try to stop me. I know I might lose, bu

stin gave her a flattering smile. The cool look and demeanor had disappeared, all for the sweet green tea cake.

"Oh? Really? So I've misunderstood you. Does anyone else want to have this delicious cake?" Leena teased him with one of her eyebrows raised. But when she saw the cover of the book in his hands, she almost dropped the cake. A kid like him was reading a book on business management! Was he really reading it, though?

"I want the cake! Please give it to me, Aunt Leena." Justin stopped pretending to be an adult and wrapped his arms around Leena's legs, shaking and begging her.

"Stop shaking me. I feel all dizzy. By the way, you are reading a business book. Is that real? Are you sure you can read it?" Leena asked with curiosity. She couldn't even read the book now at her age, not because she didn't know how to read but because the contents would bore her to death.

"I can't. Why are you asking?" Justin took away the cake at once, afraid that Leena would change her mind.

"What? You can't read? Then what were you doing with it? Do you just carry it around with you without actually reading it?" Leena was even more confused. She didn't know what the boy had in his head.

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