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   Chapter 1309 The Worst In Louisa(Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5661

Updated: 2019-03-14 02:18

The waitress bit her lower lip and walked uneasily towards Leena's table. She really hoped that the two women were open to persuasion, otherwise she had no idea how to deal with the situation.

"Sorry to trouble you, ladies. I wonder if you'd do me a tiny favor?" she asked while looking at Leena with a hopeful expression. It was Leena who had asked her to pack up the cake.

"What's the matter? Relax. Say it to me." Leena gave her a sweet smile. She had a good temper and always spoke softly.

"Here's the thing. A guest also wants to have a green tea cake, but there's only one available now and you've asked me to pack it up first. If you are not leaving so soon, I wonder if we can give her the cake. The new batch of green tea cakes will be available in half an hour," she said carefully while keeping a close look at Leena's face. She was afraid that Leena might lose her temper on hearing the bad news.

"Oh, I see. That's okay. We're going shopping in the nearby baby store. I don't mind coming back for the cake after that. So yes, go ahead and give the cake to that guest," Leena said as she shrugged. Maybe that person was in a hurry, and Leena could totally understand that.

"Really? Thank you so much. You really helped me a lot." The waitress didn't expect Leena to be such an amiable person, and had thought she would be rejected, and even scolded. She was relieved and even a little excited because the problem was easily solved.

"No problem. Just give it to her," Leena said while looking in the direction of the showcase. Meanwhile, Louisa was fed up with waiting and turned to check if the waitress was done. As a result, Louisa and Leena saw each other right

re stupid things to ruin his reputation. If you continue to act like this, no one will ever respect you." Leena's frustration crept up to her. She didn't expect to meet Louisa here. And it seemed that Louisa hadn't learned her lesson at all. Leena couldn't help but shake her head, feeling pity for the Commander to have such a waste of a daughter.

"Bah! Did I ask you to do my father a favor? Did I ask you to respect me? Don't act like you are a noble person. You are making me gross." At the mention of her father, Louisa was even angrier. She didn't understand why her father helped outsiders punish her instead of taking her side.

"If it were you who asked us to spare you, we would act as if you didn't exist, okay? You should feel lucky that you have a good father who is willing to entreat our forgiveness for you, otherwise you would have been dead now. Stop yelling and leave us!" Belinda cut in. She finally realized that the shameless woman was Louisa, the Commander's daughter, the one who had pushed Leena into the water. Leena had barely survived that catastrophe, drowning and going into coma for two days.

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