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   Chapter 1307 The Appointment With The Obstetrician (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6098

Updated: 2019-03-14 00:15

"Okay, I see. Thank you, doctor." Belinda put her hands on her abdomen, touching it gently. One could tell that she already loved her baby. The look on her face was the look that only a mother could have for her child.

"Besides, you should also walk more. Go for a walk each day. Do adequate exercises every day, but don't tire yourself out. Don't have sexual intercourse with your husband during the first three months and the last three months of your pregnancy. The former one may lead to miscarriage and the latter one may cause premature birth. You can have sex in the middle stage of your pregnancy, but please be extremely careful. You don't want to hurt the baby. That's all you need to remember," the doctor continued, instructing Belinda about everything she should be aware of. She didn't notice that Belinda's face immediately turned red at the words.

"You could do some antenatal training if you like. Listen to soft music, talk to the baby, etc. Keep yourself in a good mood. Do not exhaust yourself. Sleep is important for both you and the baby. Keep what I said in mind and you would be fine with your pregnancy. You will have a beautiful and healthy baby in the end." The doctor finally finished writing and raised her head to look at Belinda, hoping that her patient kept the instructions in mind.

"Doctor, the baby is still so small right now. Can it hear our voices if we talk to it?" Leena asked out of curiosity. She had never been pregnant nor met a pregnant woman before. Naturally, she was curious about this and was full of all kinds of questions.

"Of course. The baby is in her abdomen but it can still hear all kinds of sounds, including your voice. The baby gets the energy from the mother's food, so it's important for the mother to eat healthy." The doctor glanced at Leena, thinking t

, now that we are already at the hospital? The doctor told me that if you are ready to have a baby and want a healthy one, you should thoroughly prepare for it. It's good for both the mother and the baby." Belinda didn't expect to be pregnant so soon. If there was one thing she regretted, it was that she didn't plan for the pregnancy in advance so that she was in her best possible health when conceiving the baby. She couldn't forget what the doctor said to her. She hoped that Leena would pay attention to the instructions if she wanted to have a child.

"No. I don't think there's any need for me to have a check-up right now. Every child is an angel gifted to us by God. I think I will just wait for it to happen." Leena shook her head. She was still too young to have kids. Besides, Kevin was not of age to want a child either. They should wait a bit longer. Right now, the two of them alone were enough.

"That's up to you. You and Kevin are still young anyway. I guess you don't want a child right now." Belinda smiled at Leena. Ever since she got pregnant, she had become more gentle towards others. There was a glow to her that only pregnant women had. It made others feel more comfortable around her.

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