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   Chapter 1306 The Appointment With The Obstetrician (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6725

Updated: 2019-03-13 05:55

"Now is not the time to talk about this. You know the bar is a complicated place. Why weren't you more careful?" Kevin didn't mean to blame anybody. It was just that he thought girls nowadays didn't know how to take care of themselves. Leena was a good example of it. Back then, if she had decided to approach someone who was not Kevin, she might have run into a creep. That would have been a big possibility. How would Leena's life have turned out then?

"Who knew that all men were creeps?" Patricia mumbled, a bit reluctant. They didn't face such a situation every time they went out to a pub. Besides, they were not as reckless today. How could they have known that this would happen?

"Wait a minute. Not all men are creeps. I appreciate beautiful women, that's true. But I am definitely not a creep," Hoyle was quick to explain himself. At a pub, he could meet all kinds of beautiful girls every day. However, he still couldn't find a girl who truly caught his eyes. Maybe there were just too many choices so he couldn't decide. He had already forgotten what he had been searching for in the first place. He knew that every woman had her own special qualities. Every woman he met was proof of it. They also shared a lot in common, and it confused Hoyle quite a bit.

"All right, everybody. I know you must be very tired. Let's call it a night. Hoyle, can you help me drive them home? We should get going now." Kevin looked at his watch. It was already one o'clock in the morning. For some people, this was the beginning of nightlife. But Kevin had had a tough day. He was already tired. It was obvious from the tired expression on his face.

"Yes, of course. But before we go, could you at least introduce us to one another?" Hoyle's mouth twitched in amusement. He didn't even know the names of these girls, for God's sake. Kevin had forgotten to tell him.

"Oh! Right. Sorry. The tall one's name is Patricia Bai. And the short one is Michelle Mi. They are both Leena's friends." Kevin didn't want to

he asked his sister to accompany Belinda. And Leena, being her kind and caring self, gladly agreed.

"Wow. Is this the heartbeat of the baby, doctor? It is amazing!" Leena said, the surprise evident in her voice. She couldn't tell where was the baby on the dark screen, but the heartbeat was there and easy to hear. She had never accompanied a pregnant woman to her appointment, so she felt everything to be magical and surprising.

"Yes, it is. The baby is quite small right now so the heartbeat is not that strong, as you may hear. Don't worry about it though, it will get stronger as the baby grows," the doctor explained in a patient voice. Belinda was a friend of the head of this hospital, so the doctor was aware that she had to treat the patient carefully.

"Is the baby healthy, doctor?" Just like every pregnant woman in the world, what concerned Belinda the most was her baby's health.

"Yes. From what I can tell, the baby is quite healthy. As a pregnant woman, you should be careful about what you eat. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Protein is important, too. Eat healthy and nutritious food, but also be careful of your dietary intake," the doctor said as she wrote something down on her medical chart. She was glad that Belinda's baby was healthy. As long as Belinda followed her instructions, she should be fine.

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