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   Chapter 1304 Fight In The Bar (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6315

Updated: 2019-03-13 02:35

"Patricia, Michelle! Stop talking!" Leena finally made her way towards her two friends. She could not help but knit her beautiful eyebrows worriedly at such a confrontation.

"Are you okay, Leena?" Patricia felt relieved, seeing Leena appear safely in front of her.

"I'm okay. But look at you two. What have you done? Now we are in trouble. Oh, God! What should I do?" Leena sniffed. She could still smell the stench of alcohol on Patricia.

"Trouble? What trouble? They came and bothered us first. We were just fighting back to protect ourselves." Michelle was born and raised up in a gang family. This kind of situation was quite familiar to her. So she did not take Leena's words seriously at all.

Leena twisted her mouth a bit and froze immediately. She always acted properly and hardly went to a bar because she did not want to cause unnecessary troubles for her husband, a military man. Now, her two female friends had gotten involved in a bar fight and Kevin would definitely find out about it. His friend came out to help them, after all. This meant that Kevin must have already known by now.

"Nana, watch out!" The moment Kevin walked to the dance floor, he saw someone throw a chair and it was about to hit Leena. He rushed towards her and turned around to hold her in his arms to protect her from being hit. The chair crashed on his back with a heavy thud.

"Kevin, why are you here? Oh, wait... No, that's not the point! Are you hurt?" Leena struggled out from his arms. She was worried so much, turning him around to check his back.

"I'm okay. It stings a little. Get yourself out of this area and stay out of more trouble. I'm gonna take care of this situation." Kevin smiled at his wife to comfort her. Nothing in him wanted to blame her at all.

"Okay, you be careful!" Leena replied obediently. She was indeed worried about him. But she also knew that it wa

ould be endless troubles waiting for him.

"Now that you are willing to admit your mistake, I can let go of it this time. But don't forget to pay the bill and all the damages you caused tonight." Kevin said this, not to make it easy on him, but because it was not appropriate to punish him. A fight was common in such places like the bar, after all. What was more, no one got hurt or worse, ended up dead. A warning to him was enough in principle. Besides, he did not come here as an officer on duty. Therefore, he might get into another set of troubles if he showed any abuse of power. He didn't want to find himself in a viral video about that.

"Thank you, thank you. We will pay the bill and will be on our way." The muscle head walked away quickly as soon as he finished his words as if he was afraid that Kevin might pull him back. His men also followed him like chickens to a farmer with feed.

"Kevin, you just let them go like that?" Patricia still reeked of alcohol. She turned her arm which still hurt a bit, unsatisfied.

"What would you have preferred? Call the police here? And then the police take you to the station for questioning?" Kevin frowned tightly. He did not want to experience it with them. It would be extremely troublesome.

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