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   Chapter 1303 Fight In The Bar (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6402

Updated: 2019-03-13 02:21

Both Patricia and Michelle were actually quite good at fighting. But they couldn't muster their actual strength and abilities since they were drunk. Besides, the muscle head they met seemed to also be good at it. That was why they got trapped in the crowd and were unable to get out of there. But the root cause was because these two women were too willful. So basically they brought it upon themselves.

"What the hell! Who did that? Who the fuck hit me? How dare you do that?! No one is allowed to leave here. There are consequences if you hit me," shouted Michelle loudly. After all the tension and chaos, she had become less and less drunk. Plus, she danced fiercely earlier and that helped her sober up a bit. She could finally figure out what was happening around them in the bar.

"Forget it, Michelle. Where is Leena? Let's go find her," Patricia suggested as she shook her heavy head a bit. For a moment she had forgotten about Leena. Thank goodness! At least she did not forget her completely.

"Oh, right! I forgot that she is still here. Look around and check where she is now, Patricia. She might have been hurt by these sons of bitches," Michelle said to Patricia and kicked off a man who began to cling to her. She was an expert at fighting, having some practice almost every day.

"Ok, I'll go find her! You be careful. Why is there so much trouble? We just came here for fun! I hope that she is fine. Otherwise, her brothers will definitely hold us responsible!" Speaking of this, Patricia thought of Tom. His gentle face flashed in her head. No, not a gentle face, but a demon's face! He was gentle in front of other people but not to her! She had seen his evil face several times.

Hoyle was a soldier once. So it was a piece of cake to deal with those good for nothing punks. He did not expect that these two women could handle them quite well without any help. That was such a surprise.

ome faces. That was how she made her final choice between the two men. Well, that was a common scene nowadays. A handsome or beautiful face would be much more preferred and welcomed. How cruel this world had become!

"Bitch! What did you say? I am strong and heroic. How could it possible that he, a macaroni-like boy toy, is more preferred than me?" The stranger glared at Patricia. Her comments had insulted him.

"Pfft! Your reasoning doesn't stand at all, okay? A butcher is much stronger than you. Am I supposed to like him? That's totally different, understand? Well, that is if you are also smart, which I doubt, because you are still here!" Michelle pursed her lips disdainfully. She wondered who this big guy was. She had never seen such a rude and stupid man in all the gangs she had met in S city.

"Bitch! You are asking for death! How dare you mention me and a butcher in the same breath?" The big man was outraged and reached out to attack Michelle. But he was stopped immediately by Hoyle. Hoyle had no way but to twist the corners of his mouth. Why couldn't the two be quiet for just one bit? Why did they have to irritate each other with shallow yet hurtful words? Fighting was tiring. Especially if it was with this guy who was big and surely powerful.

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