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   Chapter 1302 An Unexpected Situation (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6657

Updated: 2019-03-13 02:03

The alcohol, plus the hot atmosphere of the dance floor made the two women more excited. They kept dancing and even sped up shaking their bodies. Their bolder actions aroused crazier screams from the crowd.

"Don't just stand there, Leena! Come and join us!" Patricia said and pulled her into the dance floor. Leena instantly felt lost and anxious since she got no clue about how to deal with the situation. She was in full panic!

"Alright, Patricia. Let's get out of here and go back to the room!" The multitude of men surrounding her made Leena least comfortable. However, Patricia and Michelle seemed to enjoy themselves a lot now. They were acting like they couldn't even hear Leena's advice.

"Hey, beautiful lady. Let's be friends!" A man took the opportunity and danced close to Leena. He touched her with his body while dancing and Leena was inexplicably disgusted. Her feet immediately stepped backward to avoid body contact with him. Unfortunately, another man was behind her and hugged her in his arms. Leena was so scared that she could not help but scream out. Both Patricia and Michelle were unable to hear her since they were too drunk to care and were also surrounded by crowds of men. Leena was left alone.

Meanwhile, Kevin was already on his way back home. He could feel his heart getting softer the closer he was to the downtown. There was only half an hour left before he could see his cute wife again and just the thought of it excited him beyond control. He was filled with thoughts of Leena when his phone suddenly rang.

"Hello. What's the matter? If you are calling me to have a drink with you, I'm sorry but I have to say no. I'm not available today," answered Kevin in a cold tone as he looked outside the window.

"Oh? Really? What if I tell you that your wife is in the bar right now? Are you not gonna come here? Furthermore, from what I see, she seems to be surrounded by a legion of men now." Hoyle was standing before a glass window as he looked at

r but those men surrounding them were already too hyped and excited. They just couldn't let the ladies go! The group of men surrounded them too firmly. Thus the two weren't able to make a move no matter how hard they tried. That was when some random guy suddenly hit another and a fight exploded on the place.

"Patricia, Michelle!" Seeing that something went wrong, Leena tried to rush to them and give her friends a hand. She forgot about the man who had been harassing her until a pair of disgusting arms hugged her from behind. She was struggling and doing everything she could to escape when another set of arms grabbed her from nowhere. Everything happened so fast that the next thing she saw was how the shameless man crawled to the floor. He was kicked!

"Get out of here. I'll get your friends out of here soon." It was Hoyle! He protectively pulled out Leena from the commotion and pushed her away quickly. Leena was his friend's wife and he just couldn't let her get into this kind of trouble. Of course, he would save her!

Leena was left dumbfounded and puzzled as he stared at the man. It took her a few seconds before she realized who the guy was. If she guessed it right, the mysterious man who suddenly appeared must be Kevin's friend! Otherwise, she really had no clue why he helped her and her friends.

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