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   Chapter 1301 An Unexpected Situation (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7323

Updated: 2019-03-13 00:25

Now that action got Edward puzzled as he touched his nose. What was wrong with her? He didn't do anything! Why did she stare at him that way? It was good that he didn't mind it. Lucky her that he loved her. He didn't think that he could endure her acts if she was someone else. Edward shook his head helplessly. It was obvious that there was nothing he could do anyway but go upstairs as well.

On the other hand, Kevin got up early this morning but didn't want to wake Leena up. Thus he was moving very carefully. However, he forgot what his initial goal was when he saw Leena's cute lips. He couldn't help but kiss her softly despite the fact that she was still sound asleep. It was to his great surprise when Leena's arms suddenly reached out to him and embraced his neck. Then she opened her eyes and looked at him slyly.

"I got you! How dare you kiss the sleeping princess?" said Leena as she blinked her eyes. She was still sleepy and it was obvious that Kevin's kiss woke her up.

"Oh? Well if that is the case, then I must be the prince... Yes. That one who woke Sleeping Beauty from her slumber." Kevin lowered his head and put his forehead against Leena's. His voice was full of tenderness for his wife.

"Are you leaving now? I think it's still too early." Leena took a look at the clock. It was only six in the morning and it must still be dark outside.

"Yes! I should go now. You can sleep some more, Nana. Cover yourself nicely since it's raining outside. Don't get cold," said Kevin gently as he kissed her lips one more time. He then tucked her comfortably so she wouldn't feel cold.

"Okay. Be careful." Happiness flooded Leena upon seeing what Kevin did for her. She was so touched by his action that she ended up smiling at him sweetly.

"I'll come back soon." Kevin took a look at her and then walked out quickly. Little did he know about how his gentleness made Leena feel. Compared with sweet words, she liked this kind of tender actions a lot more. She knew that they were a family and she would be waiting for him to come home.

The Blue Enchantress was far from its usual tonight. Something special was going on as there were several noisy and young wom

, she quickly reached out and tickled Leena under her arms. Leena immediately lost all her defense. She couldn't help but laugh out loud. She laughed so hard that she bent over to protect herself from Patricia's sneak attacks. Michelle took the opportunity and slipped away to open the door. When she managed it, she turned around and gave Patricia a thumb up to praise her.

"Oh! Wait! I'm going with you!" Now that the two crazy women had done these things, Leena was left with no choice but to run after them. She had to be with them together in case of emergencies since the two were simply out of their mind right now.

Noisy music, dazzling dance floor and dancing people. These were probably the most common elements of a bar! Truth be told, Leena did not like this kind of place that much. It was just that the two drunk women were enjoying everything and she couldn't do anything about it.

Women with beautiful faces and nice figures were always the targets of men in this place. So the moment Patricia and Michelle went to the dancing floor, they were greeted by oohs and ahhs from the crowd. It was the alcohol that was making the two dance sexily and voluptuously. Series of whistles suddenly filled the place for the two as they moved to the beat. On the other hand, Leena chose not to join them. She was left standing outside the dance floor while massaging her temples. She was so worried and couldn't think of anything to control the two.

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