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   Chapter 1300 An Unexpected Situation (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6269

Updated: 2019-03-13 00:15

"Wait. What do you mean? Did you just say that I am a shit?" With her hands on her hips, Patricia gritted her teeth and glared at Tom with dislike. She might be a head shorter than him but that didn't stop her from being aggressive.

"I didn't say that. However, I won't refuse it if you insist on that meaning," replied Tom as he yanked the door open. He shot Patricia a cold look and then went into his car. He didn't have any plans of staying here any longer. He honestly just wanted to leave.

"Damn it! Stop right there!" Patricia sputtered and shouted at him loudly. She had never expected him to play a trick on her at all.

"Well, I'm leaving! You can enjoy your time and stay here alone!" Tom screamed back as he started the car. It didn't take long when his car suddenly shot out of the place in full speed and disappeared, thus, leaving Patricia extremely angry.

"Shoot! What a disgusting jerk! He is not even a gentleman at all!" shrieked Patricia on the top of her lungs. Her face was all red with how angry she was. She unwittingly kicked the car next to her in full force and the action jarred the poor car's alarm to an exploding noise! The scandalous sound made her immediately hop into her own car and drive away as fast as she could.

It was usual for Tom to visit Edward's house. It wasn't the first time for him to be called here by Edward. In fact, he was actually so used to doing this already. However, he wasn't expecting the stabbing glare that Edward shot him with the moment he said that he wasn't able to bring any anesthetic.

"Hey! Don't glare at me like that! It's totally an accident. I am also a victim, okay?" Tom looked away from Edward. He hated it when Edward was glaring at him this way. Why couldn't this man just be nicer and stop shooting him with such an angry stare? Didn't Edward get a clue that his eyes were giving him t

didn't even chip anything from her usually heroic beauty.

"No big deal. Just remember to keep the wound dry. If there's nothing more to do here, then I'm driving back home. I have an operation to do tomorrow," said Tom as he tidied up his medical bag. He was asked to deal with many patients recently. Moreover, even his friends seemed to be getting hurt one by one. What was going on? Was this year the official year for injuries?

"Go back home! We won't keep you here." It was true that it wasn't Tom's fault that Daisy had to be hurt again due to the stitches. However, Edward couldn't help but remain angry at the doctor.

"I won't stay here even if you ask me to. Bye, Daisy!" said Tom as he quickly took his medical bag without any hesitation. He was a responsible doctor and he couldn't just let himself get stress before conducting operations. He needed to have a good rest tonight for him to be ready.

"Take care and bye." Daisy had always been polite. Thus, she stood up and watched Tom leave. She did not look away from him until the doctor disappeared from their living room. It was only after Tom was gone that she shot Edward with a dagger stare. Then she turned around and walked upstairs without even saying a single word.

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