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   Chapter 1296 Hi, Beauty! (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7882

Updated: 2019-03-12 01:02

Patricia's race would be held within a month and it made her worry. She could do nothing other than pray for her. This was Patricia's dream. Leena had no right to stop her from doing this.

"Babe, what are you thinking about? You didn't even notice when I came home." Kevin was surprised to see Leena staring ahead blankly. She looked upset.

"Um... It's nothing. I was just in a haze, Kevin. You're back. Was work busy?" Leena asked and proceeded to the kitchen to fetch the dishes.

"It was busy as usual. Daisy accidentally sliced her hand. I guess Edward would accuse her when he sees her wound." Kevin was now fully aware of his feelings and talked about Daisy very casually. Daisy was family to him now.

"What? Daisy got hurt? Is it serious?" Upon hearing this, Leena stopped ladling soup into the bowl. She grew concerned about Daisy.

"Don't worry. She'll recover in a couple of days," Kevin assured Leena and smiled. Daisy was often injured, but this time her wound was not as serious as before.

"Oh, thank God. I'll call her after dinner to ask about it." Leena placed a bowl of soup before Kevin. She missed the times when Claire lived here. The house had been full of laughter then.

"All right. But Daisy seemed to be in a bad mood today," Kevin said. He took a sip of the soup. 'Daisy was in a bad mood. That was why she got caught off guard and hurt herself. I guess she was pissed off with Edward, ' he thought.

"Don't worry. Daisy is a reasonable person. She won't vent her anger on innocent people. She has never blamed me before." Leena put food into Kevin's bowl repeatedly, as if she wanted to fatten him up before selling him in the market.

"All right. I'm going to H City tomorrow morning. I will come back very late at night. Don't wait up for me, okay? Go to bed early and don't stay up late. It's bad for your health." Kevin looked at her in concern. Whenever he was not home, she went to bed very late. Even if he was home, she tossed and turned restlessly. Maybe she was used to sleeping late and it was hard for her to fall asleep early.

"Sure!" Leena answered. She would not ask her husband about his whereabouts. She wanted Kevin to know that she was an understanding wife.

"Why aren't you asking me why I'm going to H City?" Kevin asked in disbelief. He could understand why she never asked about his wh

he saw Edward eyeing her from head to toe when she opened the bathroom door. His face was long and hard. He looked like he had something on her.

"What are you doing here? Were you peeping on me while I was taking a shower?" Daisy dried her hair with a towel. She walked to the dresser and applied her skin care products. It was winter. She had dry skin so she put on moisturizer every day.

"Senior Colonel Ouyang, don't you want to confess something to me?" Edward asked, following her. He joked around with her usually, but he was in no mood for it now. Daisy not only got hurt but even tried to conceal the fact from him. They had made a deal before that she would take care of herself and be honest with him, but she had broken her promise. Edward was furious.

"Confess something? Like how many bowls of rice I've eaten today? Or how many men I've seen today?" Daisy retorted in a harsh voice. She had seen Edward being cozy with an actress yesterday. It had angered her.

"Don't try to sidetrack me. Are you still planning to keep me in the dark?" Edward rested his chin on her shoulder. He stared at the woman in the mirror and gave her a cold smile.

"I don't know what you are talking about. I'm going to check on Justin." Daisy stood up and was about to leave, for she felt it was rather dangerous to stay with him.

"You know what I'm talking about, and you know why I'm angry. That's why you want to leave now, am I right?" Edward strode forward and blocked the door. He didn't dare to grab her arm as he had no idea which part of her was injured.

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