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   Chapter 1295 Hi, Beauty! (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7570

Updated: 2019-03-12 01:02

"For God's sake, shut up. Don't think I would forgive you so easily! You think making fun of me is funny, you brat?" Patricia hissed at Leena. It vexed Patricia to think of what Tom had said to her. 'Fine! I admit that I had a thing for him when I first saw him, but he is so mean. Moreover, he is a doctor! I hate doctors! I can't be interested in him any longer!' Patricia thought.

"Come on, Patricia. I thought you fell for him at first sight. Why are you so mad at me?" Leena asked. She had a guilty conscience for she had concealed Tom's profession. She wondered why Patricia's feelings toward Tom had changed so dramatically. Patricia found out that Tom was a doctor, but she shouldn't be mad at her like this. Tom was a remarkable man.

"Stop talking nonsense! If I had known he was so arrogant and shameless, I wouldn't have shown interest in him even if he were the only man left in the world!" Patricia took a slug of her drink through her straw, as if she were sucking Tom's blood. A couple of days had passed since her last meeting with Tom, but she always lost her cool at the mention of him.

"You're acting so weird. Did something happen between you and him? Did he kiss you? Or..." Leena stared at Patricia with a goading smile.

"Leena Leng, enough of this mind-wandering! If you continue to talk nonsense, I swear I will sell you to a remote mountain area. I hear that bachelors there are pleased to buy a young and beautiful wife like you. You'll never be able to see Kevin again," Patricia said through gritted teeth. The resolution in her eyes revealed that she was not kidding. She would do exactly that if Leena continued to provoke her.

"You're an evil woman! I was just wondering about what happened between you and Tom. Why are you so mean to me?" Leena said, her eyes widening. 'What did Tom do to her? She seems to hate him so much!' she thought.

"You would do well to remember not to mention his name in front of me, otherwise we won't be friends anymore. If you don't believe me, give it a try!" Patricia made her statement firmly as she cast a provoking glance at Leena. Her face was as beautiful as a rose, although she was very angry.

"You're awful! Fine, I won't mention him in front of you from now on. I did this for

Really? As long as you don't mind that I'm a gang member, I won't hesitate to go through fire and water for you," Michelle said earnestly. Michelle was influenced by other male gang members and was straightforward in expressing her feelings.

"Don't worry. A humble family does not determine a humble future. We won't look down on you," Patricia assured Michelle. Kevin had mentioned Michelle's family background to Leena before, so she was calm when she heard Michelle admit her family background. She believed that a blunt person like Michelle could never be a home breaker. She suddenly recalled how naive she had been before, when she saw Michelle hugging Kevin. Leena blushed scarlet with embarrassment.

"Thank God! Here's to both of you, Patricia and Leena. I hope we will be best friends in the future." Michelle raised her drink and clinked glasses with them.

Three women of different family backgrounds and different personalities started their friendship from this moment onward. After several decades, when they recalled this day, they couldn't help but marvel at the incredible fate.

In the evening, Leena sat at the dining table and waited for her husband. Her feelings now were not what they used to be. Since they had confessed their love for each other, she was not as suspicious as she used to be before.

Belinda had been suffering from morning sickness increasingly, but Leena was not pregnant yet. She became more and more anxious. She was too shy to see a doctor about this.

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