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   Chapter 1294 Spoiled Louisa(Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7804

Updated: 2019-03-12 00:25

"Good, Very good. You won't get out of my way, right? Actually, you're just two of my father's lapdogs. What's the big deal? Today let me give you a lesson on how to be obedient." Louisa said, lunging at them with her hands and feet, beating the soldiers and unleashing her fury on them. She didn't intend to stop or show mercy at all.

"Miss Ye, please stop. What you are doing is a huge insult to us and disrespectful of our dignity. It's true that we're under the leadership of the Commander, but it doesn't mean that we are the lower class in our society. Besides, following orders is a soldier's bound duty, and nothing to be ashamed about." One soldier said, grasping Louisa's hand. He didn't allow her to be an arrogant brat. After all, the Commander had specifically instructed that they should stop her if she took as much as one step out of the house and they could do so with whatever method. Hence, they didn't even worry about handling her physically since they were under orders of the Commander.

"Let go of me. Believe me that I'll tell my dad about this when he's back. Hah! Soldiers like you want to talk about dignity? It's so funny." Louisa said with a scornful smile, pulling her hand back. Since her father wasn't in S City, she wanted to take this chance to sneak out today. She would do whatever it would take. Or she would have not a chance at all if he returned.

"Miss Ye, don't forget that the Commander also started as a low ranking soldier. Do you think he did not have his personal dignity?" The soldier argued. He was too young and aggressive to bear this. As he expected, Louisa slapped him in the face with a sound that echoed in the hall. No one could guess how hard she slapped him. Even she herself could feel her hand shaking.

"You? Do you think you can compare with my dad? Just look at you. There is no contest. Aren't you a lapdog? If you're not, why are you standing guard at my doorway?" Louisa yelled loud, without the slightest remorse.

"Louisa, what are you doing? Apologize to them right now!" Louisa's mother had come because of the loud noise their argument was making. She didn't expect to hear bad words from her daughter, so, with a serious face, she scolded Louisa immediately and commanded her to stop.

"Mom, why are you taking their side? Don't you think it's beneath you

at you could get privileges from me." Louisa's mother said, standing up. She thought she was a little impractical at that moment since Louisa was too emotional to listen to her.

"Hehe! I knew it. But do you think you can stop me from going out?" Louisa said. She seemed to have lost her mind. Not knowing whether she was traumatized, all the people she met would be subjected to her sarcasm and verbal assaults.

"Louisa. We're your parents, so we must discipline you. If you were someone else, I am not sure if we would treat you this nicely. Maybe we would leave you to die in the streets. So you think about it! Think about how to go from here." There are no parents who don't love their children. But It would become harmful once the children were spoiled. Louisa's mother could totally understand this feeling at that moment.

Leena was a little excited to see Patricia again, her face was shining with a sweet smile. She looked at Patricia with a complacent attitude, in case Patricia would scold her for hiding things from her.

"Don't smile like a puppy. Let me tell you. Don't expect that I would let you off the hook easily. So wipe off that saliva in your mouth! It's disgusting." Patricia said, looking at Leena angrily. 'Bad girl, you use this trick every time. Do you think I will fall for it again? Nice try!' She thought.

"Annoying! Who has saliva in the mouth? Well, you look very good in this suit today! Noble and majestic." Leena said, smiling and looking at Patricia piteously. She was trying her best to butter Patricia up.

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