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   Chapter 1293 Spoiled Louisa (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8179

Updated: 2019-03-12 00:15

"I might believe you if you were someone else; But you? I doubt if you have any good intention." Luke said, flashing an evil smile, which made his cool face seem far more sinister and vicious giving off a deathly air. Then his thick hand pinched Michelle's chin so hard as if almost to squish it.

"Ouch! Let go of me, you fucking lunatic! How dare you lay your hand on me! You should go to hell, you asshole! What did I ever do to meet such an idiot like you? Are you trying to kill me?" Michelle yelled out, glaring at Luke with her big and wide eyes. She was so frightened that all the alcohol buzz had left her body.

"Hah! It would be a loss for me to kill someone like you. Get out. Now!" Luke said grimly, opening the guestroom's door to show Michelle out. He couldn't even lay his eyes on her for a minute longer.

"Humph! You ungrateful piece of shit! Don't count on me to save you when you are in danger next time. And when that happens again, I would sit there with my legs crossed watching you beaten to death while I eat chips." Michelle said with her chin up proudly, like a queen walking past Luke. 'What a poker face! Nothing is attractive about you! With neither any muscles like Sylvester Stallone nor a handsome face like Brad Pitt, I really don't know why you're so proud of yourself.' Michelle thought to herself.

Luke glared at Michelle without any retort and then slammed the door after her. The moment Michelle walked out the door, she couldn't help but shrink in humiliation. She just left, running away from that place as fast as her legs could take her as if being chased by a monster.

"Miss, where have you been? We were looking for you everywhere." The guy working for Michelle complained when he saw Michelle walk back into the restaurant.

"Where's the damn one-eyed chicken? Is he still here?" Michelle had no time to explain why she disappeared suddenly. All she cared about was the result of the bet.

"Not any more. He said that you sneaked out first, so the bet ended with your escape. They are in charge of the West Street from now on." One of the men said nervously with his head down.

"What? I escaped? With which eye did he see me escaping? Was I not allowed to have constipation?" Michelle yelled angrily, with her hands resting on her hips. But what she felt more angry about was that Luke insulted her figure. She hated that Luke didn't look at her carefully. She thought that although she wa

e focused on the TV program than on her. He had to ignore her for a while because that military program was worth learning from and could become his reference.

"Hehe! You got me!" Leena said and giggled shyly. Kevin was somehow right, but she was indeed a bit worried about Claire.

"Are you feeling bored? Huh?" Kevin asked, bending over Leena and kissing her on the lips slightly. Meanwhile, Leena played up with him tenderly, putting her arms around Kevin's neck without any intention of letting go.

The kiss was neither impetuous nor fierce, like the clean spring flowing down from the heart and then spreading over the peaceful woodland. It was like music with beautiful notes that people couldn't easily walk away from.

Louisa had never expected her father would do this to her. He not only grounded her, but also took her phone away, which made her life boring as hell. At the thought of how she was treated by Kevin the other day, she ground her teeth with hatred. Then she couldn't help shifting this extreme bitterness towards Leena. She knew she couldn't fight with Leena head to head, but she knew she could do something to her behind her back.

"You get out of my way. I'm going out." Dressing up nicely, Louisa yelled at the soldiers who were standing guard at the door. The reason why she couldn't go out was because her father arranged for these soldiers to stop her if she tried to leave.

"Sorry! We are just following the Commander's orders." Two soldiers replied without a leer at Louisa. They didn't intend to stand down, holding their ground there as firmly and calmly as couple of iron pillars.

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