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   Chapter 1290 Put Out To Sea (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6695

Updated: 2019-03-11 06:03

"No, I don't think I can do it. I'm afraid that I might see someone's defeat. Is there even a bathroom on this tub?" Leena giggled. She liked this a lot and felt rather happy. Sailing on the colossal ocean inspired her, and now she had a theme for her summer fashion show. As a brilliant designer, she got inspiration from everything. She had to remember to put this in her phone later on.

"Come here, man! Let's see how lucky you are!" Morris Cheng threw a big net to Kevin and wanted to see whether Kevin had the makings of a fisherman.

"I'm a major general! Of course I can use a net!" Kevin took over the net without hesitation. Yes, it was true. He'd never used a net to fish. Particularly not a gill net. But he'd seen it done in movies and on TV. How hard could it be? All he needed to do was do it like he'd seen it done, right?

"Yeah, I'm not so sure," Morris warned. He was waiting for Kevin to give it a shot. Fishing was not as easy as people thought. He spent quite a long time figuring out how to manage the net at first. It was pretty simple, once you set it up. A fish swims into the net, and is caught by the gills. Those nets were common worldwide. But Morris was pretty sure a land fisherman wouldn't know about all this.

"Don't count me out, yet." Kevin readied his net and prepared to throw it. First, he grabbed the weight, then threw the net out with all his strength. He did it as if he were the god of the seas. The result was sad, though. When the net was pulled in, there was no fish at all, let alone a shrimp. He'd failed at his first attempt.

"Ha ha! Nice catch! Told you. A perfect soldier might not be a perfect fisherman." Morris Cheng burst into loud laughter. A soldier standing beside him could not help joining in. He was quieter though. He was laughing at a major general, after all. Although Kevin was not one of the navy, he was still a superior officer in the armed forces, and still commanded the requisite respect.

"But I thought -- never mind."

entually knew the truth. It turned out that he was not on vacation, but instead being punished! But for what? Was it because of her?

"Oh, I have. It was my fault because I didn't pay close enough attention. I accept the punishment." Kevin squeezed Leena's hand a bit, to tell her soundlessly he was fine with it, and to reassure her everything would be okay. Couples had such wonderful ways to communicate.

"I'm glad to hear that you can cop to what you did wrong. There's always a period of adjustment, when the new recruits and more experienced personnel meet and have to try and get along. You should know this. You've been a leader for years and you aren't supposed to make that mistake. To tell the truth, I'm quite disappointed in you." Nathan was still wearing a poker face. Although Kevin was his son, there was no father and son when Nathan was reprimanding him for something. The man had his principles.

"I'm sorry!" Kevin pursed his lips and replied. He clearly knew that they were not father and son at this moment but superior and subordinate. So he replied solemnly. The atmosphere seemed to be depressing and serious. It was always like this, and it would probably never get any better. His most powerful memories of his father were when he behaved like this. They didn't really have a warm family relationship.

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