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   Chapter 1289 Put Out To Sea (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6349

Updated: 2019-03-11 06:03

"I do now, angel." He kissed her forehead. "But I think that's enough for now. Know where I'd really like to go? The sea." Suddenly, Kevin sat up. It was a sunny day today and it was already late in the morning. It would take a bit to get ready, and get out there. People usually slept later in the winter. They got a taste of how bears lived, and why they hibernated.

"The sea? In the middle of winter?" Leena frowned. Why did he want to see the sea all of a sudden? But she didn't say no. And when they finally stepped onto the deck of the warship, she was astonished by the breadth of the sky and the sea. This was all you could see as you looked off in the distance. The majesty was humbling.

"Are you cold?" Kevin asked, tightening her coat. He was worried that she might feel cold because of the sea wind. He knew she got cold easier than he did.

"No, I'm not. So is this the navy? What's the difference between the navy and the army?" Leena wore a warm coat, so she did not feel cold at all. It was lined with faux fur, because she was an animal lover, but it was warm nonetheless. Fleece-lined, and very fashionable.

"Simple. We fight on land, they fight on the sea." The harmony of sea and sky made a beautiful picturesque view. The ship cut through the water, leaving white rapids in its wake. Waves rose wherever the warship passed.

"Hey, Kevin! Got your sea legs yet?" A young major came and greeted them respectfully.

"Hey, Morris, you old sea dog! How have you been?" Kevin looked at his friend's flushed face and said in an admiring tone. He knew Morris was doing quite well.

"You got the best deal! Cute wife, and you're a major general now! Congrats!" Morris Cheng and Kevin were quite close once. They trained together as new recruits. But eventually the service decided Morris was better suited for the navy, and pulled him for special training. Kevin went into the

ould get lucky. The sea was full of fish and other wildlife. Who knows? He might catch something.

"Why not?" Kevin laughed loudly. He was arrogant, especially in front of his beloved wife. Men were always proud and would seldom show weakness around their women. Not even Kevin was immune. He'd show Morris a thing or two.

"Wait a sec. I'll ask my men to bring some tackle," Morris Cheng said and went back to the cabin. A fishing show was on the way. The crew immediately went to work, bringing out rods, reels, bait, hooks, lines, sinkers, and nets.

"Here you are. Hold my coat. I got this." Kevin took off his coat and handed it to Leena. His voice was full of confidence and bravery. And more than a little bravado. He'd only fished a little.

"Big talk, honey. You've never fished the whole time I've known you." Leena held his coat and looked at the man with soft eyes. He was her beloved man who excelled at everything. But he knew his limits, and she probably knew them better than he did.

"Nice. Don't think I can do it?" Kevin laughed out proudly. He reached out and rubbed her small nose. He was definitely confident about himself, you could hear it in his laughter. He was having a grand time. Even if he didn't win, he was making memories.

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