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   Chapter 1288 Put Out To Sea (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7033

Updated: 2019-03-11 03:40

"Everyone says that a daughter is a sweetheart to her parents. So why aren't you sweet to me?" Shannon felt frustrated. But Claire was her daughter after all and she could not just force her daughter to do something she didn't want to do. She always wanted to see her daughter do well, not make her a slave.

Leena played with her ring finger. She actually knew who Claire was, and what she wanted. She was still a young woman and she enjoyed being free. She didn't want to settle down and marry just yet. Oh, of course, there were also some idiots like her who married a man at the drop of a hat. But Leena never regretted her decision and considered marriage to be the most precious gift in her life. At that moment, she raised her eyes and took a good look at Kevin. Kevin seemed to sense it, looked her way, and smiled back at her warmly. It made Leena happy.

"Oh! Leena, Gerard told me that he was glad to know you finally woke up. And he passes along his congratulations." After dinner, Claire grabbed her chance. Kevin wasn't around. So she sat beside Leena and carefully outlined what Gerard said.

"What? Gerard? Didn't he go back to France with Bella?" Leena was surprised to hear it. She tore her eyes from the fashion magazine in her hand and started to think. She remembered hearing from Kevin that Bella had already gone back to Paris. But why was Gerard still here? He told her earlier that he was going back with Bella. That was when the gears started turning in her head. Why did Claire mention Gerard, and why were they talking?

"He planned to. But he said he was worried about you and wouldn't go back until he knew you were okay. I think he likes you a lot." Claire looked at Leena, lost in thought. Louisa was right that Leena and Gerard were once a couple. But Claire chose to believe Leena. She'd seen how Leena and Kevin were when they were together, and she thought Leena loved Kevin and would never betray him. Gerard also told her that he and Leena weren't a couple anymore. He was still wistful, but she was a memory he chose to treasure.

"You talked to Gerard lately,

ke that you're home. I'm just curious. Didn't you take some leave while we visited the capital?" Why was she questioning him on this? Did she doubt his word?

"Yeah, I did. But it doesn't mean that I can't claim more vacation days! Are you worried that it might be hard to support the family when I lose my job?" Kevin said in a joking tone. Now Leena wondered if he were joking or not.

"Are you willing to have me bring home the bacon?" Leena reached out and put her arms around his strong waist. They just looked at each other with their heads tilted together, foreheads touching. It was very sweet and warm.

"You bring it home, I'll eat it." Kevin hugged her harder and their bodies were closer to each other now.

"Ah! Cut it out! I --" Leena's face turned red as she felt Kevin's member brush against her.

"I want it to be like this all the time. I want to spend every day with you, welcoming the days and nights," Kevin said emotionally. He looked quite cozy and charming. Leena was still trying to fight down her embarrassment.

"Am I dreaming, Kevin? I didn't think you felt that way." Suddenly, Leena felt quite shy and afraid. She was afraid that she might get hurt after this. For a long time, she'd just been willing to take whatever she could get from the man. He was less than romantic, so her heart was happy any time he showed her sweetness. But now, he was so different.

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