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   Chapter 1285 The Sweetest Moments In Life (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6839

Updated: 2019-03-10 05:12

"Stop talking about him! You're being so annoying! Since you're safe and sound now, I'll go home. Try to rest up and take good care of yourself. I'll see you later," said Patricia to her friend furiously. She was fully aware of Tom's hostile attitude against her. Love and hate sometimes replaced each other in their fragile relationship.

"Oh alright, I see. I'll call you later then." Leena pursed her lips and faint wrinkle lines appeared around her eyes. She wondered what Tom had done to anger Patricia so much.

"Ok, I'm gonna go. Bye," said Patricia, and hung up. She frowned and headed quickly towards the hospital door. The last thing she wanted was to bump into Tom in the hospital. Frankly, Tom wasn't such a terrible guy. However, his arrogance and falseness made her sick. He for sure had assumed, and of course-falsely, that she had fallen in love with him already, and he didn't need to talk nicely to her anymore. This fake he was!

She drove away off the hospital and passed dozens of cars, over-speeding. When she looked at the rear-view mirror, her eyes found a Harley-Davidson tailing her car too closely. She couldn't recognize the rider, as he was wearing a helmet. Patricia looked at him again. She had no idea of why the hell he was driving like that. Was the driver annoyed because she was faster?

Patricia looked back to the road ahead and ignored the motorbike altogether, even though they happened to be driving down the same path. However, when she pulled over at a narrow street, where the video center was located, the motorbike also stopped beside her car. Patricia's way out was blocked and she couldn't even open the car door.

"Hey! Bro! Could you park your motorbike away from my car? Can't you see that I can't open the damn door and get off?" said Patricia with a calm voice, but apparently annoyed deep down. She rolled down the car window and waited impatiently for his reaction. She had no intention of picking a fight with this guy or starting up any trouble on the street.

"What're you calling

her new friend to get off.

"It sounds great!" Patricia thought Michelle was funny. Michelle being 5'3'' in height was suddenly dwarfed by the perfect figure of Patricia when she stepped out of her car graciously.

"Patricia, can I ask you something?" Michelle swallowed with a throat already dry. She somehow admired the way of her new friend was standing out. She even felt jealous.

"Go ahead!" said Patricia in confusion, wondering why such a strange girl had got so many questions to ask. Patricia slammed the car door shut. While talking to Michelle, she kept looking in the direction of the video center. She completely ignored Michelle's staring.

"May I know your height?" Michelle couldn't help but stand on tiptoe, so that she might look as tall as Patricia.

"5'7''. Why, what's wrong with that? Why are you asking?" Patricia looked even more confused.

"Oh! No, no problem at all. I'm just curious." Michelle answered in awe. Her face reddened. Patricia was taller than her with almost 5 inches. It was no wonder that she looked slender and much more beautiful. Michelle's jealousy started to grow.

"Michelle, I have to go now. It was very nice meeting you. Have a nice day!" said Patricia. She was looking forward to relaxing herself at the video center, and releasing the sudden tingle of excitement in this strange auto racing game.

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