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   Chapter 1284 Asshole (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7626

Updated: 2019-03-10 01:25

."I was small-minded. Sorry that I misunderstood you." Leena felt embarrassed. She just reiterated that she didn't want Kevin to make apologies. However, she kept making apologies herself instead.

"Never mind. You cared about me too much, so you were jealous," Kevin comforted Leena with a gentle smile. They would love each other more after this.

Misunderstandings were inevitable in life. As long as we were willing to spend some time explaining or listening, we wouldn't get hurt.

As soon as Leena got home, Shannon gave her a big hug. She was still worried about Leena last night and wondered when she would wake up. To her surprise, Leena had come home safe and sound.

"Thank goodness! You're back at last!" Shannon's voice was filled with emotion. She stared at Leena up and down with tears in her eyes. Originally, she wanted to cook something for Leena and bring it to hospital, but Kevin told her not to anymore, because they would be back soon. What a pleasant surprise!

"Mom, I'm sorry to have worried you." Leena didn't expect that her mother-in-law would come to see her from the capital city. She was moved when Kevin told her about it. Now, she was even more excited and grateful to see Shannon.

"Silly girl, don't make a big deal out of it. I'm no stranger! Go wash your hands so we can eat. I made congee with pork bones for you. You can't eat greasy food for now but I'll cook whatever you like after you fully recover," Shannon said as she patted Leena on the back.

"Okay. Thank you, Mom," Leena answered in a soft voice. She looked around and found that the house remained the same and was as spotless as before.

"Welcome home, Leena," Claire said excitedly. She seemed to have completely changed after the accident.

"Thank you, Claire." Leena gave her a big hug. After Leena was snatched back from the jaws of death, she became more kind-hearted. She didn't even want to get back at Louisa at all.

Meanwhile in the hospital, Tom encountered Patricia again. He thought that whatever happened was predestined, and it was useless to think of running away.

"Mr. Qin, where on earth have you transferred Leena? I went to her ward just now, but I didn't see her." Patricia gave the esteemed doctor a challenging look. If she didn't ask


"What are you talking about? Of course I'm real! Have you ever seen ghosts in broad daylight?" Leena talked back in an irritated voice. She rolled her eyes although she knew that Patricia couldn't see her.

"Thank God! You finally woke up! Where are you? Kevin didn't call to tell me that you've changed rooms. I'm running about like a chicken with its head cut off in this hospital," Patricia said angrily. She was still enraged at Tom's arrogance.

"What? You're in the hospital? I've already gotten back home. Would you like to come over?" Leena stuck out her tongue. She knew Patricia must be angry.

"What? You're already home? It's a miracle then! You were just unconscious in bed yesterday, but you left the hospital and went home today. I can't believe it! Is it because of that doctor dickhead, Tom?" Patricia's anger rose further, mentioning his name. Why didn't Tom tell her that Leena had been discharged from the hospital? He just asked her to make a call. What a classic asshole!

"Err… You know it." Originally, Leena tried to hide Tom's identity, but she didn't think that everything had changed after she drowned.

"Know what? That you deliberately misled me? Or that Tom is just an asshole?" Patricia didn't know why she was in a bad mood after she learned that Tom was a doctor yesterday. How agonizing it was.

"What happened? What did Tom do to you? Why are you so angry?" Leena drew back her neck. She didn't know why the two were at odds. What happened while she was in a coma?

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