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   Chapter 1283 Asshole (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7331

Updated: 2019-03-10 01:06

Thank goodness! Leena finally came around. They even thought of all the possibilities and planned for the worst. Now they could finally set their minds at ease.

"Naughty girl, you really scared us. We were so worried about you." Rain excitedly gave Leena a bear hug even though he was scolding her on the surface.

Duke looked at her, standing frozen. There was a ghost of hesitation on his face. 'I may still be dreaming, ' he said to himself. Leena's sweet smile seemed unreal.

"Brother," Leena looked over to Duke and acknowledged him. She knew that she had frightened him all this time.

"Do you know what you did? Do you still take me as your brother?" The thought that Leena chose to drown herself instead of swimming to the shallow end of the pool made Duke mad. Kevin broke her heart, while Duke doted on her, but in her mind, Kevin mattered more.

"I'm sorry." Leena kept making apologies after getting out of the crisis. She could now see that the wrong decision she made in a moment of weakness greatly affected those who loved her. She shouldn't have acted like a selfish child.

"Cool down, Duke. Leena hasn't completely recovered. She still looks rather pale," Edward tried to smooth things over as he didn't like seeing Duke blame Leena.

Duke frowned but he shut up. Truth be told, he didn't actually have the heart to blame Leena. It was all just for show. He straightened his face just for effect.

"I heard that you are pregnant, Belinda. Congratulations!" said Leena with a grin to cover up her feeling awkward. Although Edward changed the topic, she still dared not look directly at her brother's stoic face.

"Thank you. You will also be an aunt soon," Belinda responded wittily. She knew how to ease the tense atmosphere.

"That's true, but I seem to have been an aunt for a long time." Saying this, Leena thought of Justin. What a little naughty fellow he was! She really missed him. They were as incompatible as fire and water when they stayed together, but she couldn't help missing him when he was away.

"You know, it's different," Belinda spoke in a lazy tone, and at the same time, she gave Edward a challenging look, telling him that her ba

ly with Leena. One of his arms was wrapped around her waist to support her.

"It's only once in a blue moon that we can take a walk like this. It reminds me of the clichéd story in that trendy drama. I used to scorn it, but I didn't think it would happen to me one day." Leena gave a soft smile. She never expected herself to be the heroine in her own story one day.

"I am so sorry that I didn't pay you enough attention and care." Kevin felt guilty. After they got married, he seldom spent time with Leena. It was normal for her to feel that way.

"Never say sorry to me. I don't want you to keep making apologies for the same mistake." Leena looked up at her husband. If people thought that an apology could solve all problems, they would make endless mistakes.

"Okay fine. What a clever girl you are!" Kevin rubbed Leena's nose with affection. He certainly knew what she meant. He really owed her a lot. That was why she would bring it up more often.

Leena felt herself blush. How she wished she could snuggle in his arms like this and be with him forever. Whether he loved her or not, it would be enough for her to have him by her side.

"The girl you saw was Michelle. She is a typical tomboy. I met her by accident when she jumped into my arms to avoid her bodyguard that day. It was really not what you thought."

Kevin owed Leena an explanation. He had to make it clear to her, so that she wouldn't continue to be depressed and insecure.

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