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   Chapter 1279 Do We Know Each Other (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7265

Updated: 2019-03-10 00:15

"No, she hasn't woken up even once. Well, you are her good friend and now that you are here, go ahead and chat with her. Maybe she will react to your words and your voice." Shannon wouldn't let go any possibility that could wake Leena up. Her heart broke when she thought of the vivacious Leena she had always liked. Now, seeing Leena lie in the hospital bed with her beautiful eyes closed made her feel extremely sad.

"Yes, I will definitely give it a try." Patricia smiled to Shannon, but the smile was bitter. She knew Leena was not likely to wake up just because she heard Patricia's voice. Even Kevin himself could not wake Leena up. But she had to at least try, for her best friend.

"Okay. I will go and use the washroom. Talk with Leena please." Shannon looked at Leena with sorrowful eyes. She sincerely hoped that Patricia talking to Leena would stir Leena up. They might have had a very strong friendship. Besides, she was running out of ideas to bring her back to consciousness.

"Of course, ma'am. Don't worry." Patricia gently smiled at Shannon. To be honest, she was a very sweet girl in front of her elders. She knew when to hide her true colors.

Shannon thankfully smiled at Patricia, and then turned to walk out of the room, leaving them alone. In fact, there was a bathroom in the ward, so she didn't have to go out in the hall. That was just an excuse. She just wanted the two girls to have some time alone with each other.

"Leena, you keep sleeping just to avoid my punishment, right? You know that you did something wrong. I was right! Or why did you drag me away so hurriedly the other day? Now I know the reason. But it's a shame that your plan will never work. Because Tom has no interest in me at all. He made it very clear. Besides, I date doctors. You know that, right? So you can't play matchmaker anymore." Patricia's tone was a bit smug. She didn't seem to take Leena for a patient who was still in a coma. She just talked like Leena was still normal, as if she had already woken up. Only by this way could she convince herself that Leena would wake up and get better.

"Also, if you don't wake up soon, I will introduce Kevin to othe

ther for dropping everything to come here and help him.

"I just hope that Leena wakes up soon. Look at you, you are getting thinner everyday. I am afraid that you will exhaust yourself running back and forth from the hospital to the army base like this." Shannon picked up the coat that Kevin randomly threw on the sofa, and skillfully folded it in case it wrinkled. She then put the folded coat back on the sofa.

"Don't worry about me, mom. I am fine. I am more worried about you. Thank you, mom, really," Kevin spoke a bit apologetically to his mother. After all, he knew that looking after a patient was tiring for an elder woman like his mother. He couldn't help but feel bad that he had to let his mother do the hard work.

"Don't worry about it. We are a family, aren't we? We should always help each other." Shannon looked at his son with adoring eyes. She didn't think looking after her daughter-in-law was a tiring job.

"Where is Claire anyway? I will call and ask her to come here and pick you up." Kevin looked at his watch. It was already nine o'clock. Where was Claire?

"She is on her way here. She will be here soon. By the way, Claire is getting more and more responsible recently. She even helps me do housework now! I guess that's all because of Leena." Talking about the positive changes in Claire, Shannon was really glad. And she thought that it was all to her daughter-in-law's credit. She had taught Claire well.

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