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   Chapter 1278 Do We Know Each Other (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7070

Updated: 2019-03-09 03:49

"How dare you say it's nonsense! Don't you know that anything is possible in this big world?" Patricia held her head high and her tone was proud. She didn't want to admit that she was being a bit dramatic and old-fashioned right now. She was really freaked out being stuck in the mortuary and that was that.

"Well, I am sure that it doesn't include ghosts being real. Everything you ever encounter that makes you believe that ghosts are real is just a phenomenon of nature. That's all. You should believe in science. By the way, your name is Patricia, right? Come on! I will take you to Leena's room." Tom shook his head at her again. To be honest, he didn't understand how Leena was friends with this girl. She was too chatty and too vivacious for his liking. Tom could tell that she was not the gentle and caring type of girl at all.

"Thank you! What's your name by the way? Are you the Tom that Leena mentioned before? The almighty doctor?" Patricia looked at Tom in surprise. He was a doctor, and he was also Leena's friend. Maybe she was right. This man in front of her was Tom indeed.

"Yes. My name is Tom Qin. You can call me Doctor Qin. How about you? What's your family name?" Tom's tone was polite but distant. One could tell from his self introduction that he didn't want anything to do with Patricia.

"I'm Patricia Bai. Why? You don't trust me? That's why you asked for my full name." Patricia couldn't help but press her lips together in a tight line in annoyance as she followed Tom. He was so obvious! It looked like she wanted something to do with him. Well, yes, she did when she first met him. But not now. She had lost interest in him as soon as she found out that he was a doctor.

"That's not what I meant, Miss Bai. Please don't think too much. I just think that we are not close enough to call each other by our first names. That's why I wanted to know your family name." Tom was always like this. He acted distant and polite to the ones he wasn't familiar with. He liked to keep his distance. It was as if he didn't want to make new friends.

"Fine. Whatever." Patricia was disappo

you being cold anyway." Patricia made it sound like she really had a past with Tom. Shannon was totally confused right now. What was happening? Were they ex-lovers or not?

"Miss Bai, please mind your words. We were not lovers before, and we won't be lovers in the future. So please stop lying and making others believe that we have a past. You may think it's funny but it's in fact very disturbing," Tom said in a very serious tone, staring intensely at Patricia with serious eyes. Then he turned around and left the room without looking back.

"Are you two in a fight? That's all right. That's what lovers do. Just give it time. You can make up when both of you calm down," Shannon comforted Patricia with a worried tone. It seemed that she had bought Patricia's story and actions, thinking that they were really a couple.

"Thank you, ma'am. Well, how's Leena? She has been like this the whole time? Hasn't she woken up even once?" Patricia didn't explain to Shannon about the relationship between Tom and her. Instead, she changed the topic and asked about her best friend. She walked to the side of the hospital bed and held Leena's hand in her hands. Had she known that this horrible accident would happen to Leena, she wouldn't have been angry at her at all. Now, she deeply regretted having a fight with Leena. Because no matter what she said or how she tried, Leena would not reply to her now.

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