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   Chapter 1276 Time To Get Up (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8482

Updated: 2019-03-09 02:40

"Thank you for your kind reminder, Dr. Qin. I will see to that." said Kevin in full respect. He had always thought highly of doctors as they rescued people and saved lives. He honored Tom for saving his wife's life and he would be eternally in debt to him for that.

"You don't need to be formal with me. You can simply call me by my first name, Tom." A warm smile made it to Tom's face as he calmly said those to Kevin. He wanted him to call him by his first name just like how the rest did. He was looking at Kevin as a part of his family now since he wasn't holding any grudge against him anymore.

"Thank you!" Kevin was no fool. Of course, he understood the message between Tom's lines. He appreciatively patted Tom on the shoulder and gave him a big warm smile. He was determined to change these people's view about him through his hard work, including Edward's.

"Don't worry too much about it. My best wishes to you. I need to carry on with my duties in other wards. Please try to talk to Leena as much as possible. Especially about the things that matter to her." With these words, Tom walked out of the room. He cast a profound glance at Leena before he closed the door. She meant so much to him and how he wished for her to come back to her senses right now! As he silently closed the door, the other doctors who were waiting outside all gathered up. Together, they moved on to the next ward. No one asked anything as they knew that Tom had a lot in his mind. They were all aware of how important the patient lying inside that hospital room was to Tom and that she shouldn't be disturbed at all.

Back inside the room, Kevin poured some hot water into a clean basin as soon as Tom left. He tested the water temperature carefully before soaking the towel into the basin. He then rinsed it, spread it, and then gently wiped Leena's face with it. He was extra gentle with his every move. Leena was a girl who cared about her looks and Kevin knew that. He was cleaning her face as he knew that she wanted to be pretty all the time.

"My little sleepy cat. It is time to wake up. You are going to be chubby if you keep lying here. Are you sure you want to lie here and end up being chubby?" whispered Kevin softly as he lovingly gazed her sleeping face. He remembered that her biggest fear was looking fat and ugly. Thus, he deliberately chose that topic to scare her. He hoped for his words to encourage her and wake her up from her long sleep!

Not many knew but Leena could hear his familiar voice echoing inside her ear. Sh

g man of few words. He didn't wish to reveal his vulnerability in front of his close ones.

"Don't worry too much about it. Come here and drink some of this soup I made for you. You have lost a lot of weight these days due to the stress. You are worrying me, child! It would be a huge irony once Leena wakes up and she finds you ill." Shannon's voice was also trembling despite the braveness she tried to put on. As she carefully poured the soup out of the thermal bottle into a bowl, she tried to keep her hands calm. She needed to look after her Kevin well. Her beloved daughter-in-law was already ill. She couldn't afford to lose her son. The bare thought of Kevin falling ill would destroy her confidence instantly!

"Thank you for the soup, Mom. I am sorry for making you worry." Kevin took the bowl from his mother's hands and said gently to her. He knew that he should do anything he could to please his mother. He couldn't just let his mother worry this much, right? Moreover, he couldn't afford to break her heart.

"Claire, please bring the rest of the soup to Dr. Qin. He has been busy working for Leena these days. I would like to thank him for his effort." Shannon said warmly as she handed the thermal bottle to her daughter. She only knew about Tom yesterday while she was dining out with the others. Of course, she had also met other close friends of Leena. These men were really outstanding and she couldn't help but feel proud of Leena upon learning how everyone around her loved her. As the saying went, birds of the same feathers flock together. Judging from the manners of Leena's friends, Shannon could easily tell that Leena was a nice girl herself without doubt.

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