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   Chapter 1275 Time To Get Up (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5823

Updated: 2019-03-09 01:56

"How could dad possibly think of her like that? From my point of view, Kevin seems to have a better career because of Leena's help. She is truly an ideal wife and good life partner for my brother." Since Claire was brought up in a typical family of high ranking officials, she had been taken good care of and didn't know much about the business concerning her own brother. It was her ignorance that gave her many doubts about her brother's marriage. She gazed at her mother's face earnestly and hoped to find answers from her.

"My dear, you are way too naive when it comes to the hidden rules in the officialdom. It is considered a big taboo when officials have business connections. People are strongly against the collusion between government officials and business owners. Your father is deeply concerned that Leena's family would contribute negatively to your brother's career. Sometimes, bad rumors can literally destroy a person and his future. To be honest with you, I am also slightly worried about it." As she was explaining to her daughter, Shannon carefully put the cooked soup into a thermal bottle and sealed it tight. Then she looked up and fondly gazed back at her daughter in an attempt to soothe her concerns. She still believed in Leena despite the little worry she had. In her opinion, Leena was well brought up and her parents were decent people. Shannon had every reason to believe that her daughter-in-law was a trustworthy girl and deserved everyone's love and care.

"Oh dear, this is quite shocking! I don't believe it at all! Business is just business. I don't think Leena's family has anything to do with the army base! Dad was just throwing false accusations around! He shouldn't be this stubborn. At least, he sho

talk to her." sighed Kevin. He had been talking to her all this time. He wanted her back to him so much. He usually leaned closer to her and whispered to her ears softly whenever he got the chance. His words for Leena were all genuine and uplifting, but she seemed to be deaf to all of them. Despite his constant effort, Leena never moved, not her eyes or even her fingertips.

"You look very tired. Slack a bit, will you? You also deserve a good rest. It is pointless to look after her every single minute. Have a break, otherwise, you will fall ill yourself. You need to look after yourself as well." Tom shot Kevin with a concerned look. Leena might be the patient here but that didn't mean that Kevin could abuse himself. He cared for Kevin too. He never thought highly of Kevin before since he knew very little about him. However, as time went by and they got to know each other better, Tom found Kevin was a really nice man. He felt truly happy for Leena for marrying such a decent man like Kevin. In his opinion, the two were a perfect match. There might be many people in the world, but not all were fortunate to be married with their rightful match.

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