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   Chapter 1273 Time To Get Up (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5888

Updated: 2019-03-09 00:25

"What are you talking about? As to how I see it, she is doing great! I really admire her. You should know how rare it is to find such a nice and decent girl like Leena." Shannon sighed softly as she silently wished for Claire to behave more like Leena. She would surely be happier if that was the case.

"Thanks for being so gentle and gracious. My Leena is really lucky to have you as her family," replied Belinda. Then she cast a glance at Leena and smiled. As Leena's sister-in-law, she couldn't help but feel proud whenever others complimented Leena.

"Actually, I think Kevin is the lucky one here. Being a soldier makes him always busy with military matters. I know that he seldom has time for his family. Therefore, Leena has to manage a lot of things all by herself. I feel sorry for her." As someone who was married to a soldier, Shannon herself knew just about everything that Leena was going through too. It honestly amazed her to see Leena handle so many things by herself despite her young age.

"Sounds like a heated chat here," said Duke as he stepped in with his gloomy face. He was deeply concerned about Leena's health and he just couldn't relax about it. In reality, he had always been worried about her all this time.

"There you are, Duke. Come here. I would like to introduce you to Major General Gu's mother. She came all the way from the capital city to see Leena upon hearing about the accident."

The sincerity on Belinda's face was so clear as she greeted Duke. It was actually a pleasure to see him here. She had thought of giving him a call and asking him to come just a few minutes ago. Thus, it was a pleasant surprise that he showed up here so unexpectedly.

"Good to see you, madam. My name is Duke. I am the elder brot

require your signature. I have brought them here for you." Lee stepped in with some files in his arms. He looked apologetic as he knew that he was disturbing Kevin and Leena's moment together. It was clear to him that the Major General's priority right now was his beloved wife. However, the issues concerning the army base were also important and couldn't be delayed. It was Kevin's responsibility to deal with them as soon as possible. This was what was required of him for being a soldier. With a heavy sigh, Lee nodded to Kevin and walked towards him with the documents.

"Sure. Noted with thanks. Please leave them on the corner table for me. Has Hank set out already?" Kevin knew that the documents were not confidential since they could be brought outside of the army base. He gave Lee an approving look and watched him carefully put the documents on the table.

"He has! He actually set out one hour ago. He told me to send his best regards to you and your wife. He said he was truly grateful for your kind help on his promotion." With full respect, Lee forwarded Hank's messages to Kevin. He then walked to Kevin's side and waited for his further instructions.

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