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   Chapter 1271 The Sleeping Beauty (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5271

Updated: 2019-03-08 03:08

"Kevin, thank you so much for not holding Louisa accountable. I know you spared her only for my sake. I promise you, she will not have any chance to get close and bother you in the future. You have my word." The Commander's face blushed red with shame when he said this. It had never occurred to him that his daughter could stoop down so low and be a home wrecker. Her behavior had provoked much discussion. Luckily, Leena's friends didn't really hurt her. Otherwise, the Commander would be so overpowered by his guilt and shame that he wouldn't have the face to look Kevin in the eye again.

"Let bygones be bygones, Commander. Don't think too much of it. Louisa has been punished, right?" Kevin didn't know how Edward had punished Louisa, but he believed it was not an easy one.

"I'm afraid she still hasn't learned from her mistakes. Never mind. I'd better call the higher authorities now. The sooner, the better." The Commander was furious with the manner that Edward punished his daughter, but he had to hold back his anger. After all, his daughter deserved it, especially that Leena was still in a semi-stable state. He had heard of Edward's cruel style of punishment before, and he knew Edward had showed his daughter mercy. The Commander had a clear estimation of himself, and he knew Edward would by no means show mercy to his daughter because he was a Commander, but because of Daisy.

"Thank you, Commander. Whether the high authorities agree to your request or not, I appreciate your efforts." Kevin rubbed his brow. If the high authorities didn't agree, he had

r that tired.

"Well, then you should go and eat something in the hospital canteen. It's lunch time." Edward had to chair an important meeting that morning, so he had just called Tom to inquire about Leena's condition instead of coming here. Rain also had come to the hospital that morning, and becasue of that, he was late for the meeting. As soon as they adjourned, Edward wasted no time coming to the hospital.

"Don't worry about me. Claire just called and she will bring me lunch soon." Edward realized Kevin would by no means leave Leena. He sighed and thought, 'If he had realized his true feelings for Leena earlier, things wouldn't have worked out this way.'

"Okay. I'll go find Tom and ask about Leena's situation. Please do take good care of her." After thinking for a whole night, Edward had calmed down and was more composed in the morning. Maybe part of the reason was because Leena was already out of danger. He felt much relieved and was more able to control his temper. As a matter of fact, he was no longer in the fight mode.

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